Graphene Oxide and Its Targeted Applications

E. Polyakova
G6 Materials Corp,
United States

Keywords: graphene oxide, graphene


G6 Materials Corp. ("G6") is a high-tech company with expertise in advanced materials and developing innovative composites for various industrial uses in large addressable markets. Our team of experts has produced graphene and graphene oxide (GO) and graphene-enhanced resins since 2010, aggregating more than 25,000 customers worldwide. Our company is actively developing GO-based materials and scaling up its production.In the early days of the graphene industry, GO was considered a precursor for producing “pristine” graphene. While a complete reduction and restoration of sp2 graphene physical properties is not possible, GO has a lot of potential to be used in applications that take advantage of its unique and rich surface chemistry. In particular, air and water filtration is an attractive application, as GO oxygen groups can react with microbes and other organic and inorganic environmental pathogens. Thus, in recent developments, our company started to offer graphene oxide antimicrobial products for the air purification market. We will overview the current progress in this field as well as hurdles and routes for further development.