Investing in Sustainability 101

A. Diallo
LG Electronics USA,
United States

Keywords: sustainability, climate change, startups, innovation, investing


Climate Change. Resource Scarcity. The “digital divide.” These are some of the largest challenges the world is facing today. In a race to create a more sustainable future, large corporations are making carbon-neutrality pledges, automakers are ramping up EV production, businesses are releasing “green” consumer products, and homes are transitioning to renewable energy, yet worldwide progress in overall sustainability is slow. Innovation can help unlock a better, more sustainable future, and LG NOVA – LG Electronics’ newly formed North America Innovation Center – has high hopes for the yet-to-be-imagined technology solutions in both established and nascent industries that will overcome barriers to adoption. Where startups have the potential to unlock widespread sustainability through technology, large corporations, venture capitalists and other investors are the key to bringing these startup ideas to the mainstream. In this presentation, Ali Diallo, Director of Innovation at LG NOVA, will speak on how investors can strategically nurture and cultivate the world-changing ideas of sustainability-focused startups through capital, resources, mentorship and partnerships. Through his leadership at LG NOVA, and past entrepreneurship and venture building endeavors, Diallo brings first-hand experience into how to support the materialization of a 100% sustainable future through investments in industries such as connected health, the metaverse, energized mobility, smart homes and more. The session will also explore: • Innovating for Impact: the importance of investing in socially impactful businesses • Striking the balance between investment and mentorship • Launching and scaling innovations in a crowded marketplace About LG NOVA LG NOVA, the North American Innovation Center for global innovation leader LG Electronics is a team focused on bringing innovation from the outside to LG. LG NOVA is based in Santa Clara, Calif. The center's mission is to build, nurture and grow innovations that impact the future. Learn more about LG NOVA at