Carbon Nanostructures for Energy Conversion and Storage: From Li-S battery, Supercapacitor, to Nitrogen Fixation

Jingsong Huang

R&D Staff

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Jingsong Huang received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry in 1991 and master's degree in Physical Chemistry in 1994. Prior to study abroad, he worked as an engineer in chemical industry. He earned his Ph D in Physical Chemistry in 2006. Initial academic background was experimental Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry. Afterwards he decided to do computational and theoretical studies of material, physical, and chemical problems. Research interests are mainly the theoretical studies of electronic, optical, and magnetic properties of solid-state and low-dimensional materials, chemical reaction mechanism, and electrical energy conversion/storage. With a background of an experimental chemist and the expertise of a computational and theoretical chemist, his primary goal is to establish the bridge between experimental observations and theoretical rationalizations, which will hopefully lend supports for experimental materials optimizations.