Delivery of mRNA vaccines by lipid nanoparticles

Kim Hassett

Senior Scientist

Moderna Therapeutics

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Bucknell University, I headed out west to the University of Colorado in Boulder.  I joined Ted Randolph’s lab in the chemical engineering department to study the formulation of protein drug products.  For my PhD thesis, I studied how to stabilize adjuvanted protein subunit vaccines through lyophilization.  Upon graduation, I moved to Boston and started working at Novartis Vaccines in the Vaccine Chemistry and Formulation group.  At Novartis, I was introduced to self-amplifying mRNA vaccines delivered by both lipid nanoparticles and emulsions.  Since 2015, I been working at Moderna in the Delivery Science group where I have optimized lipid nanoparticles for the local delivery of mRNA.