The Societal Impact of Polyolefins

Patrick Brant


After a career spanning 38 years in ExxonMobil Chemical, Pat is currently an independent advisor in the field of polyolefins.  He is experienced in polyolefin design through catalyst selection and reactor process control as well as polyolefin fabrication.  Areas of application expertise include, for example, polyolefin films for food packaging, stretch films, automotive, hot melt adhesives, separator membranes for lithium ion batteries, and uni-and biaxially oriented metallocene polyethylenes.  He has contributed to the development and application of synergistic advanced characterization methods for Zeigler-Natta and metallocene catalysts and polyolefins from same, and has led efforts to design and monitor supported catalyst syntheses. He has led teams charged with solving catalyst operation deficiencies, as well as plant and strategic customer problems. His work includes synthesis and characterization of new polyolefins made with metallocene catalysts (commercial examples include Exceed™ and Exact™), development of structure-property relationships of polyolefins and novel polyolefin blends, including balance of melt and solid state behavior, and development of polyolefin solutions for flexible and rigid food packaging with emphasis on polymer transport properties and organoleptics.  Pat has also contributed to surface and interfacial design, in particular for adhesion and compatibilization studies.

Pat has over 60 peer-reviewed publications. Examples of topics addressed in these publications include: synthesis and fundamental studies of electronic structures of inorganic and organometallic complexes, structural and morphological studies of polyolefin films, synthesis and characterization by multi-dimensional size exclusion chromatography of polyolefins with well-controlled microstructures, synthesis and transport properties of polyolefin films, novel characterization of Zeigler-Natta catalysts, and synthesis and characterization of new comb block polyolefins  He is a named inventor on over 160 U.S. patents. He has served as a representative and invited speaker for ExxonMobil at a variety of industry and university functions.