Tim Watkins

Global Business Development Manager – Cybersecurity and OT SDN

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories

Tim started his US Marine Corps avionics career in 1993.  He was commissioned in 1998 and became a communications officer.  He has a BS from University of Idaho and graduated with a MSA from Central Michigan in International Leadership in 2010.  Additionally, he graduated at the top of his class in a master’s level Telecommunications and Systems Engineer Course from Fort Gordon, Georgia in 2004. Following 20 years of DoD experience as a network and cyber engineer, Tim joined Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc in 2013. He is now a Global Accounts Business Development Manager focusing on securing critical control systems and designing defendable architectures for system owners around the world.  Tim concentrates on holistically looking at reducing risk at the enterprise and organization levels.  Ultimately, his expertise will prioritize network and cyber efforts, increase resiliency, and mature system owner’s plans, policies, and procedures.