Two-Decade Residency at the Crossroad of Microsystems Engineering and Analytical Chemistry

M. Agah
Virginia Tech,
United States

Keywords: microscale, microfluidics, MEMS


In this talk, Dr. Agah will discuss the evolution of research at VT MEMS Lab through time and discuss the lab’s navigation through the microscale world to develop chips for bio/chem applications. He will provide a glance at both research thrusts, Bio (Cellular) MEMS and Micro Analytical Chemistry. First, the use of microfluidics for deciphering cancer cell biomechanical and bioelectrical properties is discussed. He will demonstrate how biophysical properties at the single-cell level can be used as a potential marker for cancer research. For the second thrust, he will demonstrate the innovations and research accomplishments from nano-structured material processing and synthesis to the development of key components of micro gas chromatography instruments including preconcentrators, microfluidic separation columns, and gas detectors. The major emphasis of the talk will be devoted to second thrust.