Accessing Intracellular Targets for Therapeutic Gain in Major Diseases

S. Dhar
University of Miami,
United States

Keywords: drug delivery, biomedical engineering,


Noncommunicable and infectious diseases need innovative ways for treatment and prevention. For example, tumor cells adapt to diverge survival strategies defying traditional cancer therapies and challenge us to pursue new mechanistic and multimodal approaches. Our community needs to be well-equipped to handle emerging and re-emerging pathogens through rapid intervention, prevention, and treatment. Similarly, atherosclerosis and other hypercholesterolemia-related conditions pose a unique threat. Addressing resistant cancers, viral diseases, and cardiovascular diseases in general population as well as in pregnant women comes with significant barriers to effective treatment. In this presentation, I will discuss some of our recent developments on platform nanotechnologies which can utilize intracellular targeting strategies, use of prodrugs, and selective biological membrane crossing abilities to bring therapeutic gain in major diseases such as resistant cancers, atherosclerosis, and viral diseases such as HIV.