Supply Chain Disruption: The Ripple…The Tidal Wave…The Tsunami…The?

T. Marsh
Pioneer Worldwide,
United States

Keywords: latex, rubber, supply chain


Regardless of which end of the supply chain spectrum one finds themselves on, origin-destination, producer-consumer, buyer-seller, and so on and so forth, the hit has been hard, the weaknesses exposed, and the questions abound with few answers offered! If you are like me, you find yourself asking how in the world did this happen, and when will it end? What is a Global Pandemic, and can one really happen today? Why didn’t we see this coming? Why didn’t we heed the medical community warnings and better prepare ourselves? When did we become so dependent on imports? It’s time to take a hard look at the how’s, why’s, when and where do we go from here regarding the complete supply chain and its impact on the latex industry in general, and North American market in particular. Domestically grown alternative polymers will play a key role in better preparing for our future needs.