Domo Arigato 3D Printed Soft Roboto

R. Sochol
University of Maryland,
United States


Recent advancements in the area of additive manufacturing or “three-dimensional (3D) printing” hold unparalleled potential for the field of “soft robotics”. Soft robots—systems composed of compliant materials that are typically actuated via pneumatic and/or hydraulic controls—provide inherent benefits in terms of safety, adaptability, and cost; however, challenges associated with controlling the underlying fluidics of such robots have remained a critical barrier to efficacy. In this seminar, Prof. Ryan D. Sochol will discuss how his Bioinspired Advanced Manufacturing (BAM) Laboratory ( is pioneering new classes of soft robotic systems that comprise integrated fluidic circuitry by leveraging the 3D nanoprinting technology, “Two-Photon Direct Laser Writing” and the multi-material 3D microprinting approach, “PolyJet 3D Printing”.