Reversible Fuel Cell System for Hydrogen Generation and Energy Storage

P. Matter, T. Hery, M. Ocampo, D. Klapp, A. Beutel, T. Dritz
Power to Hydrogen, LLC,
United States

Keywords: fuel cell, electrolysis, green hydrogen, energy storage, reversible


Power to Hydrogen (P2H2) is developing reversible fuel cell technology that can cost effectively and efficiently produce hydrogen (H2) and store energy. The approach can lower the cost of green hydrogen by enabling simpler lower cost systems that have more functionality than electrolyzer systems. The technology was invented under a US Department of Energy (DOE) project and development is continuing with support from an ongoing NASA Tipping Point contract. P2H2’s is based on an innovative hybrid Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) / liquid alkaline cell and stack design that enables systems to operate both as an electrolyzer converting water and electricity to H2 and oxygen, and as a fuel cell to generate energy from the stored H2 and oxygen. Low cost systems are possible due to the use of inexpensive, readily available materials and ability to operate at high pressure, thereby minimizing or eliminating mechanical compression. Despite their low cost, systems will perform on par with costlier proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis units and add reversibility (power production) without a performance penalty and at practically no additional cost. Although further development and validation are needed, P2H2’s systems hold the potential to simplify and significantly lower the cost of on-site green hydrogen generation plus energy storage. In conclusion, the P2H2 approach allows low cost systems (on par with alkaline electrolysis) to achieve, and even exceed, the performance of higher cost alternatives (PEM). In this presentation, we will provide an update on the development of a demonstration system, discuss early adopter applications for the technology, and the ultimate visions for how the technology will be implemented.