Microsphere Resonators for Biodetection

L. Echeveria, S. Gilmore, S. Harrison, P. Singh, T. Bond
Lawrence Livermore National Lab,
United States

Keywords: microresonators, ir spectroscopy, biodetection


We report on the development of microspheres-based optical sensors for the detection of bio-organisms, like gram-positive/negative bacteria, fungi and viruses, responsible for biodegradation and bioremediation. We evaluated appropriate functionalizations starting from widely studied targets like Aspergillus (fungus), Influenza A(bacterium) and E. coli(virus) benign strains as a validation platform. Fluorescence based imaging along with SEMs supported the study to qualify and quantify the coverage uniformity for the used protocols along optical characterization. Resonators wavelength shifts and amplitude variations will be presented for a matrix of sphere sizes and recognition methodologies, targeting the best geometrical and coating conditions for multiplexed detection schemes.