Is The Tipping Point For Graphene Commercialisation Approaching?

R. Collins
United States

Keywords: graphene, commercialisation, markets, 2D materials


As the hype for graphene fades the revenue increase reaches its inflection point. Graphene offers tremendous opportunities in numerous sectors. Indeed, IDTechEx forecast that it will become a ca. $700m market for the material alone by 2031. Despite this, many graphene companies are in that crucial step where they finally must convert their numerous leads into sales. Significant orders have been observed for graphene powders and nanoplatelets in enhanced polymers, heat spreaders, wear resistant liners, anti-corrosion coatings, and energy storage devices. And this is just the start. Numerous sectors will adopt this material over the next 5-years after a prolonged period of in-house testing and supply chain immaturity. Market leaders and beginning to emerge and a period of consolidation over the next decade is inevitable. In this talk, IDTechEx outline the past, present and future of graphene whilst considering trends in production capacity, price, revenues, and applications. Graphene commercialization, in many ways, is following in the footsteps of CNTs. This technology too experienced a hype cycle but now is making a steady but quiet commercial progress. Indeed, it has entered the phase of rapid volume growth partially thanks to its falling price over the past few years. In this talk, we will consider the past, present and future of CNTs in terms of the evolution of industry production capacity, price, revenues, and applications. This talk will conclude with a look at the developments of CVD grown graphene and the emerging field of 2D materials beyond carbon.