Non-aqueous flow battery development

R. Mukundan, S. Maurya, B.L. Davis, T.M. Anderson
Los Alamos National Laboratory,
United States

Keywords: battery, energy storage


Non-aqueous flow batteries offer the possibility of high energy density long-term energy storage utilizing low-cost redox active moieties based on Fe and/or organic compounds. The use of all organic or Fe-based chemistries that can yield > 3V in a flow battery configuration can lead to significant cost savings, overcoming the additional costs of solvents and electrolytes when compared to aqueous systems. However, significant research challenges remain in improving the long-term cyclability and current density of these non-aqueous systems. This talk will highlight some recent research performed at Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories as part of a project funded by the Energy Storage Program under the Office of Electricity. We will present some promising redox active molecules for future non-aqueous flow battery systems and will also discuss membrane development for both aqueous and non-aqueous flow battery systems.