Next Generation Adjudication for Force-On-Force Training

A. McCormick, A. Pickett
Horus Vision,
United States

Keywords: Force-On-Force Training, Augmented Reality, Adjudication


Horus Vision has developed an adjudication process for Augmented Reality (AR) force-on-force training that provides a dramatically higher degree of realism and delivers expanded capabilities to drive combat scenarios based on accurate casualty status. The system utilizes optical image capture, ballistic calculator software, user GPS data, and skeletal pose software. Data collected from weapon systems along with shooter GPS data confirm the target’s speed, direction, and range. The optical image capture confirms the exact point of aim when each shot is fired, then the ballistics solver adjudicates if the point of aim will produce a hit on target. Skeletal pose determines exactly what part of the body is hit and allows for adjudication with realistic casualty status, driving the appropriate tactical and medical response. Having an extremely accurate ballistic solver in the system means users are training for real trajectories based on weapon systems and environmental conditions and allows the system to not require any transmitters or sensors, or be limited by obstructions. Additionally OPFOR weapon data can be altered to match actual enemy weapon systems to more realistically replicate what users will face during live operations.