Secure Enterprise Collaboration and User Reporting Environment (SECURE) – One Stop Shop for Security

F. Harlow, J. McIntire, E. May
U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory,
United States

Keywords: analytics, security, automation, digital engineering


We will describe an innovative technology focused on transforming the security & intelligence mission to an enterprise digital environment capable of workflow automation, advanced real-time actionable analytics for situational awareness and proactive threat management. Secure Enterprise Collaboration and User Reporting Environment (SECURE) is a grassroots collaboration between AFMC, AFRL and industry to leverage license free SBIR technology to create the one stop shop for security professionals to perform tasks while providing leadership at all levels and the intelligence community with the data they need to track, analyze and act on threats to our national security. SECURE has a production ready foreign travel and foreign contact reporting system which is currently being sandboxed with USAFE security professionals. Other planned modules for security incident reporting and security classification guides have preliminary prototypes based on stakeholder focus groups. After a planned migration to the AFDatalab VAULT, the aggregated data will be available for other authorized consumers of security and intelligence data and will augment leadership with tools in key areas such as identifying insider threats, providing rapid analysis of security incident trends requiring remediation and just-in-time training and assist warfighters with the currently very broken security classification guide process.