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Water Technologies

Water Technologies

Symposium Chair

Steven JonsSteven Jons
R&D Fellow
DuPont Water Solutions

Key Speakers

Tiezheng TongSmart design of membranes resistant to mineral scaling in reverse osmosis: Is it feasible?
Tiezheng Tong
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University

Christopher M. StaffordChristopher M. Stafford
Materials Science & Engineering Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

Q. Jason NiuNanostructure Design and Morphology Control of Thin-film Composite Membrane for Enhanced Desalination Performance
Q. Jason Niu
Institute for Advanced Study, Shenzhen University, China

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Symposium Sessions

Monday June 29

10:30Membranes for Water Technologies
1:30Water Technologies

Tuesday June 30

10:30Sustainable Water Technologies: From Lab Scale to Pilot Scale, NNI Town Hall Meeting
1:30Membranes: Special Focus Session
4:00Water Technolgies - Posters

Symposium Program

Monday June 29

10:30Membranes for Water Technologies
Session chair: Steven Jons, DuPont Water Solutions, US; Geoffrey M. Geise, University of Virginia, US
Nanostructure Design and Morphology Control of Thin-film Composite Membrane for Enhanced Desalination Performance
Q.J. Niu, Shenzhen University, CN
Smart design of membranes resistant to mineral scaling in reverse osmosis: Is it feasible?
T. Tong, Colorado State University, US
C. Stafford, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
Structure/property relationships in polymer membranes for water purification and energy applications
G.M. Geise, University of Virginia, US
Carbon nanotube thin film deposition on hollow fiber membranes: addressing the scalability challenges of conductive membranes
M. Larocque, McMaster University, CA
1:30Water Technologies
Session chair: Steven Jons, DuPont Water Solutions
Capacitive deionization process for water desalination and novel adsorbents for selective removal of selenium and arsenic from contaminated water
M. Parans Paranthaman, S.F. Evans, M.R. Ivancevic, C. Tsouris, A.M. Levine, R.J. Lee, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Black and superwicking metal surface for interfacial solar-thermal water sanitation
S.C. Singh, Mohammed ElKabbash, Chunlei Guo, University of Rochester, US
Light harvesting and photothermal effects for water desalination
A. Alabastri, Rice University, US
Catalytic Nanomaterials for PFAS Removal and Degradation
J. Brockgreitens, A. Abbas, Claros Technologies Inc, US
The GreenBox: Modular Technology for the Removal of Ammonia and Nitrate with Energy Cogeneration
G.G. Botte, Texas Tech University, US
Plasma Based Technology for Water Treatment
A. Denvir, M. Howdeshell, NCH Corporation/Chem-Aqua, US
Comparative study of metal adsorption interaction properties of benzene di-, tri-, and tetra- carboxylate metal organic frameworks
E. Dixon Dikio, N. Ayawei, D. Wankasi, Niger Delta University, NG
Magnetic Prussian Blue derivative: An efficient material for thallium removal from simulated mining wastewater
Y.C. López, G.A. Ortega, M.A. Martínez, E. Reguera, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, MX

Tuesday June 30

10:30Sustainable Water Technologies: From Lab Scale to Pilot Scale, NNI Town Hall Meeting
This session will feature a slate of presentations from researchers and companies that have transitioned sustainable water technologies (e.g., membranes or sensors) from the research lab to pilot scale and testing. Presentations will address common pinch points and best practices, and conversations will explore ecosystem needs to support the commercialization of promising nanotechnologies to improve water monitoring, treatment, and use.
1:30Membranes: Special Focus Session
Session chair: Geoffrey M. Geise, University of Virginia, US
Membrane-based devices for radionuclide purification
C. Duval, Case Western Reserve University, US
Membrane for Aqueous Flow Battery Systems
W. Xie, Form Energy, Inc., US
A Graphene Oxide/Polyvinyl Alcohol Composite Membrane for Rechargeable Alkaline Zn/MnO2 Batteries
J. Huang, G.G. Yadav, S. Banerjee, Urban Electric Power Inc., US
Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticle Membranes with Unusual Gas Separation Properties
S.K. Kumar, Columbia University, US
One-Step Production of Biomimetic Superhydrophobic and Superoleophilic Membrane
Q. Li, J. Zhou, M. Dickey, Zymeron corporation, US
Improved hybrid membranes for CO2 separation with aligned nanostructures
L. Sørvik, L. Ansaloni, M.T. Guzman Gutierrez, L. Deng, T.A. Peters, H. Hemmen, CondAlign AS, NO
A rational asymmetrical hollow fiber membrane for oxygen permeation
C. Ren, Y. Gan, C. Yang, M. Lee, X. Xue, University of South Carolina, US
Graphene nanoplatelets-based membranes for thermal comfort enhancement in textiles
L. Bonetti, A. Fiorati, A. Serafini, F. Tana, A. D’Agostino, G. Masotti, L. Draghi, R. Chiesa, S. Farè, M. Bianchi, L.G. Rizzi, L. De Nardo, Politecnico di Milano, IT
4:00Water Technolgies - Posters
Study of Methylene blue adsorption on Manganese 1,4-benzene dicarboxylate
E.B. Attahdaniel, C.W. Dikio, P.N. Diagboya, C.Y. Abasi, F. Mtunzi, D. Wankasi, E.D. Dikio, Vaal University of Technology, ZA
Synthesis and characterization of some transition metals of benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid and adsorption of lead ion studies
C.W. Dikio, E.B. AttahDaniel, D. Wankasi, F. Mtunzi, Vaal University of Technology, ZA
Removal of Chromium (VI) Ions from Polluted Water Using Silica Supported Zero-Valent Iron (nZVI) Particles
F.A. Bezza, E.M.N. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, ZA
Synthesis of Silica Stabilized Zero-Valent Iron (NZVI) Particles for Adsorptive Removal of As(III) From Contaminated Water
F.A. Bezza, E.M.N. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, ZA
Capacitive deionization of salt water using (Cu-Ag)@C electrodes
W.-T. Chang, J. Wang, Y.-J. Tuan, H.P. Wang, National Cheng Kung University, TW
Immobilized nano-TiO2 photocatalysts for the degradation of three organic dyes in single, binary and ternary mixtures
U. Bellè, F. Pelizzari, M.V. Diamanti, M. Ormellese, M. Pedeferri, Politecnico Di Milano, IT
Portable Water Desalination System Using Hybrid Renewable Energy
J. Mi, Q. Li, E. Jones, Y. Zhu, X. Li, L. Zuo, Virginia Tech, US
Removal of Methylene Blue Dye Using nZVI, Nanoclay and Iron impregnated Nanoclay - A Comparative Study
M.M. Tarekegn, R.M. Balakrishnan, A.M. Hiruy, A.H. Dekebo, Addis Ababa University, ET
Development of a Portable and Hybrid Solar-Driven Desalination (SDD) System using Vacuum Membrane Distillation Process
A. Chafidz, S. Nurkhamidah, S. Rusdi, S. Al-Zahrani, Universitas Islam Indonesia, ID
Bipolar Protonic Semiconductor Physics and Model for Pure Liquid Water and Its Applications
B. Jie, T.C. Jie, C.T. Sah, CTSA.US LLC, US
Research and Application of Polymeric Gel Dam Technology to Control Water Channeling in Horizontal Wells of Tight Fractured Sandstone Reservoir
H. Yang, K. Wei, X. Qiu, C.C. Zhou, University of Wyoming, US
Molecular Organic Rejection Technology to Clean Water Now
G. Jones, Ultra3X Water Recycling, LLC, US

This symposium focuses on advanced and emerging technologies for  water purification, disinfection, generation, processing, filtration, manufacturing processes, waste use and local/global access and distribution. Industry leaders and experts will share their insights on economics and investment strategies, novel and proven solutions. Innovators from industry, government and academic laboratories around the world will share what'’s new and what’'s next in materials design and advanced technologies for water. Submit an abstract and join us as we identify the innovations that are changing the future of water for our planet..

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