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Photonic Materials & Devices

Photonic Materials & Devices

Symposium Chair

Loucas TsakalakosLoucas Tsakalakos
Business Program Manager, GE Global Research

Key Speakers

Maria VasilopoulouMaria Vasilopoulou
Scientific Staff, Institute of Microelectronics (IMEL)
NCSR Demokritos, Greece

Paul SeidlerIntegrated nanophotonics with gallium phosphide
Paul Seidler
Research Staff Member, IBM Research – Zurich

Mandakini KanungoGlass Light Guide Plate with Lenticular and Lenticular Extraction Features
Mandakini Kanungo
Senior Research Scientist, Corning, Inc.

Loucas TsakalakosIndustrial Photonic Sensing Systems
Loucas Tsakalakos
Business Program Manager, GE Global Research

This symposium is focused on novel photonic technologies and materials, and their use in the commercial space for various advanced applications. The symposium highlights industrial applications of photonics as well as emerging technologies within the research community that are poised to make the transition from the lab to applications. The event connects scientist and engineers around the country and world working in photonics or adjacent technologies for possible collaboration.

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Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 30

10:30Photonic Materials & Devices
1:30Photonic Materials Innovations
4:00Photonic Materials Devices - Posters

Wednesday July 1

8:30Electronics and Devices Keynote

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 30

10:30Photonic Materials & Devices
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, GE. Global Research, US
Integrated nanophotonics with gallium phosphide
P. Seidler, IBM Research, CH
M. Vasilopoulou, NCSR Demokritos, GR
Glass Light Guide Plate with Lenticular and Lenticular Extraction Features
M. Kanungo, Corning, Inc., US
Photonic ring resonator notch filters for astronomical OH line suppression
P. Liu, Northwestern University, US
1:30Photonic Materials Innovations
Session chair: Loucas Tsakalakos, GE. Global Research, US
Unique Light-Matter Interaction Properties of One-Dimensional ZnO Nanomaterials
J-I Hahm, Georgetown University, US
Solar-energy harvesting via photothermal thin films for optical thermal insulation
J. Lin, M. Lyu, D. Shi, University of Cincinnati, US
Next-Generation Materials for Hybrid Electro-Optics
L.E. Johnson, H. Xu, D.L. Elder, S.R. Hammond, S.J. Benight, B.H. Robinson, Nonlinear Materials Corporation, US
Polarized-Emitting Quantum Dot LEDs
H. Schlicke, C. Schloen, C.C. Delgadillo, S. Becker, T. Jochum, H. Weller, J. Niehaus, Fraunhofer Center for Applied Nanotechnology CAN, DE
Study of Smooth and Textured Interface in Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes using Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
R. Kumar, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IN
Synthesis and Green Luminescence Evolution of Erbium doped Yttrium Strontium Silicate Nano Phosphors
A. Rout, S. Agrawal, National Institute of Technology Raipur, IN
4:00Photonic Materials Devices - Posters
A nanosized laser beam for the fabrication of nanopores for DNA sequencing
Y. Wang, Yancheng Teachers University, CN
In-Situ Nitrogen Doped Silicon Carbide Nanowires and their Optical Properties
H. Mousa, K. Teker, Istanbul Sehir University, TR
Nanocomposite of PVDF nanofibers embedded with PCBS for optical sensing applications
I. Kandas, E. Samir, N. Ibrahim, R. Ibrahim, M. Mohammed, N. Shehata, Kuwait College of Science & Technology (KCST), KW
Lanthanide based hybrid nanostructures: Multicolour luminescence, energy transfer and multifunctional applications
P.K. SHAHI, University of Allahabad (SPM Govt. Degree College, Prayagraj), Allahabad, India, IN
Optimizating the Performance of Organic-based Perovskite on Crystalline Si
S. Khalil, E. Shelil, W. Omar, T. Hatem, The British University in Egypt, EG

Wednesday July 1

8:30Electronics and Devices Keynote
Industrial Photonic Sensing Systems
L. Tsakalakos, GE Global Research, US
Revolutionizing sensing using quantum technologies
B. Young, AOSense, Inc., US
Monolayer electrolyte for all-solid-state non-volatile memory
S. Fullerton, University of Pittsburgh, US
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