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Nanomaterials for Catalysis

Nanomaterials for Catalysis

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Symposium Chair

Wolfgang S. BacsaWolfgang S. Bacsa
University of Toulouse, France

This special symposium focuses on the novel design, synthesis, and commercial production of nanostructured materials for catalysis applications. Submit an abstract and join researchers from around the world as we highlight the applications-focused research and innovation that will continue to broaden the impact of these materials.

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Symposium Sessions

Tuesday June 30

4:00Nanomaterials for Catalysis - Posters

Wednesday July 1

10:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Manufacturing Innovation
4:00Nanoparticle Synthesis & Manufacturing Innovation - Posters

Symposium Program

Tuesday June 30

4:00Nanomaterials for Catalysis - Posters
Kinetic study of catalytic HER and 4-nitrophenol reduction on Ag-Pt bimetallic nanoparticles
S. Varshney, R. Bar-Ziv, D. Meyerstein, T. Zidki, Ariel University, IL
Mg/Li Co-doped g-C3N4 Visible Light Driven Photocatalyst: Synthesis, Characterization and Their Application for Photo Induced Bacterial Disinfection and Removal of Organic Pollutants from Water
D.R. Paul, S.P. Nehra, Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science & Technology, Murthal (Haryana), India, IN
Harvesting Solar Energy for Photo-catalytic Removal of Pollutants from Environment Using Semiconductor Nanoparticles
O.P. Yadav, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, IN
Synthesis of hybrid catalyst Co-Ni-MoS2 / RGO for the Hydrogen Production
L.H. Verastegui-Dominguez, N. Elizondo-Villarreal, Universidad Autonoma De Nuevo Leon, MX

Wednesday July 1

10:30Nanoparticle Synthesis & Manufacturing Innovation
Session chair: Jan-Steffen Niehaus, Fraunhofer-Center for Applied Nanotechnology, Germany
Flame-based Aerosol Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles and Supported-Metal Nanostructures
M. Swihart, University at Buffalo, SUNY, US
Multi-dimensional quantum materials: From Dots to Rods, Sheets and Giant Shell Particles
S. Krohn, H. Schlicke, T. Jochum, J. Niehaus, Fraunhofer CAN, DE
Probing nanoparticle heterogeneity from products to byproducts
S. Stavis, National Institute of Standards & Technology, US
Monodispersed Pt alloy nanoparticles for fuel cell: from discovery to scale up
R. Wang, K. Pupek, T. Dzwiniel, H. Lv, N. Becknell, P. Papa Lopes, P.F.B. Dias Martins, N. Markovic, V. Stamenkovic, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Large scale Manufacturing of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles for Medical Applications
T. Panagiotou, Delphi Scientific, LLC, US
Nanozirconia for refractive index enhancement
N. Reinhardt, A. Venier, M. Comesana-Hermo, E. Camposilvan, J. Alberici, Mathym, FR
4:00Nanoparticle Synthesis & Manufacturing Innovation - Posters
Microbial Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles using Lactococcus lactis TNM-B1
M.B. Osho, A.O. Precious-Egere, A.O. Awotula, E.A. Ofudje, McPherson University, NG
Inhibition Efficiency of Silver-Gold Alloy Nanoparticles on Corrosion of Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminium in 3.5 M NaCl Medium
J.K. Odusote, T.B. Asafa, E.O. Shonubi, University of Ilorin, NG
Electrical and dielectric properties of MoO3 nanorods and MoO3/rGO nanocomposites
S. Nallani, Pondicherry University, IN
Structural and Electrical Conductivity studies of NaNiPO4 for Sodium-Ion Battery Applications
S. Nallani, Pondicherry University, IN
Release of Silver Nanoparticles Synthetized by Green Chemistry and Encapsulated in Alginate Beads
A. Guerrero-Guzmán, I. Cruz-Soto, T. Rodríguez, J.M. Hugo, G. Velázquez-Juárez, D.R. Sánchez-Chiprés, A. Zamudio-Ojeda, Universidad de Guadalajara, MX
Surfactant Stabilized Copper Nanoparticles Synthesis, Characterization And Investigation of Their Tribological Behavior As Additive In Lubricating Oil
F.A. Bezza, E.M.N. Chirwa, University of Pretoria, ZA
Molecular Nanomaterials
H. Hong, G. Christensen, C. Bailey, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
hollow/porous-walled SnO2 for lithium-ion battery
B-I Park, J-S Park, S. Yu, S-H Cho, J.Y. Byun, J. Oh, S.Y. Lee, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, KR
Structural influence of nitrogen adducts on the morphology of bismuth sulphide thin films
S.A. Saah, J.A.M. Awudza, N. Revaprasadu, University of Energy and Natural Resources, GH
Green Syntheses of Carbon-based Quantum Dots using Spent Grain from the Brewing Process
M. Demiar, M. Patterson, University of Wisconsin - Stout, US
Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nanocomposite Materials
N.M. Bahadur, Y. Akter, K. Afrin, S. Islam, S. Alam, R. Rashid, M.A. Samad Azad, N. Suzuki, M. Sato, Noakhali Science and Technology University, BD
Sol-Gel Preparation and photocatalytic properties of TiO2/SiO2/ɤ-Fe2O3/rGO nanocomposite as an efficient and reusable photocatalyst under visible light
M. Mokhtarifar, R. Kaveh, M. Bagherzadeh, M. Ormellese, M.P. Pedeferri, M.V. Diamanti, Politecnico di Milano, IT
Superconducting phases Tc ≥ 200K in homo phases Bi / Pb cuprate obtained by solar energy.
D.D. Gulamova, H. Bahronov, S.M. Ashimov, J.G. Chigvinadze, Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan, UZ
A new insight into the mechanism of the synthesis of gold nanoparticles by Turckevich method
E. Méndez, S. Botasini, Universidad de la Republica Uruguay, UY
Biosynthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles by Green Chemistry Method with Lemon Waste Extract
L. Verástegui, R. Estrada, F. Vázquez, N. Elizondo, Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León, US

Topics & Application Areas

  • Structured Zeolites & MOF
  • Nanomaterials for Catalysis
  • Catalysis Synthesis & Manufacturing
  • Catalyst Supports
  • Novel Materials
  • Modeling Catalytic Surfaces & Reactions
  • Catalysts for Fuel Cells
  • Catalysts for Oil & Gas Industry Applications
  • Other
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