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MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications

MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications

Symposium Co-Chairs

William (Cy) WilsonWilliam (Cy) Wilson
Electronics Engineer
NASA Langley Research Center

Ronald A. CoutuRonald A. Coutu
Professor and V. Clayton Lafferty Endowed Chair
Marquette University

Key Speakers

Matteo RinaldiMatteo Rinaldi
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University

Lydia SohnLydia Sohn
Chancellor's Professor of Mechanical Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

Thomas LiTechnical Development Opportunities and Challengers of MEMS for Security and Safety Applications
Thomas Li
Principal MEMS Design Engineer, NXP Semiconductor

This symposium focuses on emerging, industrially relevant, applications and advanced fabrication, modeling, materials, and devices, for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) and sensors. Submit your technical abstract today and join the leading innovators from industry, academic and government laboratories around the world.

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Symposium Sessions

Monday June 29

10:30MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications
1:30MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications

Tuesday June 30

8:30AI and Machine Learning Fireside Chat
8:30Biotech & Medicine Keynotes
10:30Biosensors & Medical Applications
10:30AI & Sensors Innovations
1:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
1:30WCM - Memory & Photonic Device Models
4:00Printed Flexible Electronics - Posters
4:00Medical Devices - Posters

Wednesday July 1

8:30Electronics and Devices Keynote
10:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
10:30Novel Chemical & Physical Sensors
1:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
1:30Town Hall Meeting: Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors Comparing Federal Needs to the Current State of Technology
4:00Micro Bio Fluidics - Posters
4:003D Printing - Posters
4:00Sensors - Posters

Symposium Program

Monday June 29

10:30MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications
Session chair: William (Cy) Wilson, NASA. Langley Research Center, US, Ronald A. Coutu, Marquette University
M. Rinaldi, Northeastern University, US
L. Sohn, University of California, Berkeley, US
Nanoparticle Composite Membranes: Versatile Materials for Future MEMS/NEMS Sensors and Actuators
H. Schlicke, S. Kunze, H. Hartmann, T. Vossmeyer, Fraunhofer Center for Applied Nanotechnology CAN, DE
Design and Fabrication of a Novel Microcontact Support Structure for Efficient Contact Surface Post-Mortem Characterization
P. Mahanta, F. Anwar, R.A. Coutu Jr., Marquette University, US
A Universal Two-Input MEMS Logic Gate
N. Jones, J. Clark, Auburn University, US
1:30MEMS & NEMS Devices, Modeling & Applications
Session chair: William (Cy) Wilson, NASA. Langley Research Center, US, Ronald A. Coutu, Marquette University
Technical Development Opportunities and Challengers of MEMS for Security and Safety Applications
T. Li, NXP Semiconductor, US
Towards Zero Apparent Damping of MEMS Resonators by Force Feedback
A. Abrol, Z. Zhu, Y. Han, J.V. Clark, Auburn University, US
Accoustic Levitation of protein crystals
P. Docker, G. Leen, M. Ward, P. Aller, D. Axford, Diamond light source, UK
Wide bandgap (AlN, GaN, SiC) RF-MEMS devices for extreme environment applications
A. Qamar, M.-R. Zadeh, University of Michigan, US
S-Drives: A piezo-electric muscle geometry
N. Jones, J. Clark, Auburn University, US
Analysis of temperature variation influence on Q-factor and mode-matching of 2-DOF vibratory rotational velocity sensor
J. Nazdrowicz, A. Napieralski, Lodz University of Technology, PL

Tuesday June 30

8:30AI and Machine Learning Fireside Chat
Session chair: Brent M. Segal, Lockheed Martin, US
8:30Biotech & Medicine Keynotes
Artery-on-a-chip for pressure myography
A.M. Clyne, University of Maryland, US
Janus Base Nanopieces for RNA and Small Molecule Drug Delivery
Y. Chen, University of Connecticut, US
Preventing Global Pandemics with Gene Therapy Approaches
L. Santos, AstraZeneca, US
CRISPR Powered Transistors: Harnessing Biology as Technology
K. Aran, Keck Graduate Institute, US
10:30Biosensors & Medical Applications
Session chair: Martin Poitzsch, Aramco Services Company, US
Multimaterial fiber-based neural interfaces and distributed sensors
X. Jia, Virginia Tech, US
Moxifloxacin Inhibited beta-Amyloid Bio-communication with HSP60 Memristive Devices For Promoting Normal Reversible Membrane Potential
E.T. Chen, J.T. Thornton, S-H. Duh, Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc., US
Catalytic Lateral Flow Immunoassays (cLFIA™): Amplified Signal in the Same Simple Format
S.P. Mulvaney, D.A. Kidwell, J.N. Lanese, R.P. Lopez, M.E. Sumera, E. Wei, US Naval Research Laboratory, US
Facile and Label-Free Electrochemical Biosensors for MicroRNA Detection Based on DNA Origami Nanostructures
R. Wang, W. Liu, Missouri University of Science and Technology, US
Microscale Electrochemical Studies of Immobilized DNA for Biosensor Development
R. Vishnubhotla, S. Robinson, C. Montgomery, J. Askim, S. Semancik, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
Ring Based Wearable Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzer for Body Fat Estimation
A.K. Guptaa, M. Usmanb, W. Xueb, Rowan University, School of Osteopathic Medicine, US
10:30AI & Sensors Innovations
Forecasting and Decision Impact Analysis from Ripple Effects of Behaviors
B. Frutchey, NuWave Solutions, LLC, US
LinkStar-X and the QuickSAT/Autonomy System: An AI Based System Supporting Tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Functions For Small Satellites
A. Santangelo, sci_Zone, US
Utilizing Machine Learning to Predict Public Transportation Times
P. Reshetova, EastBanc Technologies, US
Portable sensor platform for fuel analysis using smart phones, machine learning, and miniature infrared sensors
V. Hanagandi, A. Metcalf, D. Landay, Optimal Solutions, Inc., US
Using AI to Improve Safety at Grade Crossings
C. McGlynn, H. Zhang, Rowan University, US
1:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
Session chair: Kwang W. Oh, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
Recent advances in Open Microfluidics
J. Berthier, CEA-LETI-Minatec, FR
Microfluidic chip application in sample preparation and nucleic acid analysis
J. Min, Chung-Ang University, KR
Integrated serial dilution generation with a degassed centrifugal PDMS-based microfluidic device
A. Wang, K.W. Oh, University at Buffalo, US
Microfluidics Meets Ultrafast Spectroscopy: Lab-on-Chip Approach for Artificial Light Harvesting
M.S. Pchenitchnikov, University of Groningen, NL
CFD Analysis of Fully magnetic coupling of Ferrofluid Droplets in Micro-channels
V. Amiri Roodan, J. Gómez-Pastora, I.H. Karampelas, M.T. Swihart, University at Buffalo, US
Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis to mitigate design challenges in Centrifugal Microfluidic Platforms
A. Gupta, R. Castillo, K. Ramaswamy, Flow Science, Inc., US
On the dynamic of capillary flow in composite paper strip
M. Aubret, P. Chuberre, G. Sabbate, P. Pouteau, J. Berthier, University of Washington, US
1:30WCM - Memory & Photonic Device Models
Session chair: Ujwal Radhakrishna, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
A Complete Physics-based RRAM Compact Model for Reliable Circuit Simulations of Logic-in-Memory and Neuromorphic Architectures
F.M. Puglisi, T. Zanotti, P. Pavan, Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia, IT
Multiscale Modeling Platform Development: a Neuromorphic Memory Case
F. Nardi, A. Padovani, M. Pesic, L. Larcher, Applied Materials, US
Compact Modeling of Current-Assisted Photonic Demodulator (CAPD) for Distance Measurement
C.J. Estrada, L. Zhang, M. Chan, HKUST, HK
Modeling of photo-electric interaction in Photonic Demodulators
C.J. Estrada, L. Zhang, M. Chan, HKUST, HK
4:00Printed Flexible Electronics - Posters
Roll Printed and Roll Imprinted Flexible Transparent Conductive Films
J. Jo, K-Y Kim, Y-S Jang, P.W. Park, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials(KIMM), KR
Development of precise tension and force control technology for 1200mm wide roll-to-roll nanoimprint system
K-Y Kim, S. Kwon, Y. Jang, J. Jo, Y-M Choi, S-H Lee, Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials, KR
Powerless Flexible Silicon Carbide Nanowire-Nanowire Junction Ultraviolet Photodetector via Direct Transfer Method
M.S. Onder, K. Teker, Istanbul Sehir University, TR
Stretchable Dielectric Substrate Manufacturing for Printed Electronics
S. Deshmukh, E. Keaney, C. Barry, J. Mead, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
Large-scale uniform inkjet-printed perovskite solar cells
W.J. Jeong, G. Oh, B.M. Weon, Sungkyunkwan University, KR
Organic light emitting diodes on flexible substrates as food-sensors
M. Vasilopoulou, Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, National Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS, GR
Manufacturing Method of Repeatedly Attachable Sticker-type Flexible Energy Storage Devices for Wearable Electronics
H. Yoon, Korea Institute of Energy Research, KR
4:00Medical Devices - Posters
Robust and Trustworthy AI for Brain Tumor Surveillance
G. Rasool, Rowan University, US
System and Methods for Stroke Rehabilitation using Virtual and Augmented Reality
J. Daniels, Kinaptic, LLC, US
A New Surgical Technique for Femoral Component in TKA Based on Epicondylar Axis to Reduce Femoral Component Malposition, Knee Malalignment, and Fat Embolism
H. Seyyedhosseinzadeh, M. Kerdari, S. Rastegarramsheh, Rowan University, Orthopedic Research Group, US
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Focused Coils and Brain Phantoms
R.L. Hadimani, H. Magsood, I. Carmona, D. Jiles, A. Pandurangi, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
Biomechanical Evaluation of Flexible Reconstruction with Non-Fusion Instrumentation of the Lumbar Spine
M. Mesbah, M. Bendoukha, A. Berkaoui, University of Mostaganem, DZ

Wednesday July 1

8:30Electronics and Devices Keynote
Industrial Photonic Sensing Systems
L. Tsakalakos, GE Global Research, US
Revolutionizing sensing using quantum technologies
B. Young, AOSense, Inc., US
Monolayer electrolyte for all-solid-state non-volatile memory
S. Fullerton, University of Pittsburgh, US
10:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
Session chair: Ioannis (Yanni) Karampelas, FLOW-D, US
Femtogram resolution of iron concentrations in cells: Implication for Point of Care blood cell analysis
J. Chalmers, The Ohio State University, US
Advanced MD and CFD models for the design of magnetophoretic-microfluidic devices for blood detoxification processes
C. González-Fernández, J. Gómez-Pastora, A. Basauri, M. Fallanza, E. Bringas, J.J. Chalmers, I. Ortiz, University of Cantabria, ES
Continuous-flow Magnetic Fractionation of Red Blood Cells Based on Hemoglobin Content – Clinical Blood Supply Implications and Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment
J. Gomez-Pastora, M. Weigand, J. Kim, J.J. Chalmers, The Ohio State University, US
Predictive Computational Model of Microfluidic Deformability Cytometry Utilizing a Cross-Slot Configuration
D.B. Khismatullin, Tulane University, US
Single Cell Characterization Using Microfluidic Dielectric Spectroscopy (MDS)
A. Beskok, Southern Methodist University, US
Droplet Microfluidic Platform for the Label-Free Sorting of Cancers Cells based on Glycolysis
C. Zielke, C.W. Pan, A. Gutierrez, C. Feit, C. Dobson, C. Davidson, B. Sandel, P. Abbyad, Santa Clara University, US
10:30Novel Chemical & Physical Sensors
Microfabricated sensors and spectroscopy systems for real-time chemical analysis
A. Scherer, California Institute of Technology, US
Ultrasensitive, Thin-film Sensors for the Trace Detection of Explosives
P. Ricci, O. Gregory, University of Rhode Island, US
Microfluidic Paper-based Analytical Devices for Rapid On-site Optical Chemical Analysis in the Oil Field
S. Chang, H. Ow, B. Yoon, W. Wang, Aramco Research Center, Aramco Services Company, US
Leidenfrost Evaporation Assisted Ultrasensitive SERS Detection Using Hierarchical Plasmonic Micro/Nanostructures
J. Song, W. Cheng, M. Nie, W. Nam, X. He, J. Cheng, W Zhou, Virginia Tech, US
1:30Micro & Bio Fluidics, Lab-on-Chip
Session chair: Sarah Tao, Sanofi
Vortex-integrated multi-molecular delivery to catalyze personalized treatment.
S.C. Hur, Johns Hopkins University, US
Bioprinted Organotypic GBM-Cancer-On-Chip
E. Dogan, R. Schwartz, S. Karimu, A. Miri, Rowan University, US
Design of Implantable Microfluidic Device Based on Polyacryamide Hydrogel for Kidney Replacement
M. Tamer, M. Bassil, M. Bechelany, S. Balme, Ph. Miele, M. El Tahchi, Montpellier University, FR
Microfluidic “Emulated Soil Micromodels” to Accelerate Development of Sustainable Agriculture Biotechnology
L.M. Shor, Y-S Guo, J. Furrer, D.J. Gage, University of Connecticut, US
1:30Town Hall Meeting: Nanotechnology-Enabled Sensors Comparing Federal Needs to the Current State of Technology
This session will open with a panel of Federal representatives describing their respective agencies' technical needs and requirements for nanotechnology-enabled sensors. This panel will be followed by a moderated town hall discussion of the current state of technology relative to the articulated needs.
4:00Micro Bio Fluidics - Posters
Microfluidic chip platform for the concentration of waterborne pathogens in large volume of water sample using graphene oxide coated beads
Y. Li, W. Cui, H. Jin Yoo, C. Baek, J. Min, Chung-Ang University, KR
Compact Phantom with embedded 3-dimensional capillary pumping network using sacrificial sugar structures for use in Biomedical and Biometric Applications
E. Breloff, K. Oh, State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo, US
Computational Modeling of Deformable Cell Sorting using Sequenced Micro-Pillars
D.B. Khismatullin, Tulane University, US
Compact Phantom with embedded 3-dimensional capillary pumping network using sacrificial sugar structures for use in Biomedical and Biometric Applications
E. Breloff, L. Christie, K.W. Oh, SUNY at Buffalo, US
4:003D Printing - Posters
Selective laser sintering of glass-ceramic powders by CO2 laser radiation
D. Correa-Coyac, A. Ramos-Velazquez, A. Michtchenko, R. Zenteno-Garcia, Instituto Politécnico Nacional, MX
Hydrophobic 3D Printing Filament with Enhanced Mechcanical Properties
S. Baniya, S. Beckford, SurfTec, LLC, US
Laser-induced nanoparticle desorption for additive nanomanufacturing under ambient conditions
C. Zhao, University of Dayton, US
Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) of Polymer Nanocomposites
A.A. Rashid, S.A. Khan, M. Koc, Hammad Bin Khalifa University, QA
A Novel, 3D Printed Test Fixture for High Pressure Measurement Experiment
F. Anwar, Marquette University, US
High Resolution and High Speed SLA 3D Printer (RECILS) using a Plane Building Platform and a Cylindrical Window
K. Soeda, H. Suzuki, S. Yokobori, K. Konishi, H. Tamaru, N. Mio, M. Kuwata-Gonokami, J. Yumoto, The University of Tokyo, JP
3D Printing of Rubber Filament
L. Phaen, University of Massachusetts Lowell, US
Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Nano-treated High Strength Aluminum
X. Li, M. Liese, M. Sokoluk, University of California, Los Angeles, US
Smart Design for 3D Printing Pharmaceutical Tablets for Patient Centric Product Development
N. Yazdanpanah, Procegence, US
4:00Sensors - Posters
Innovative Electrochemical Sensor for Detection of Cu2+ In Aquatic Environment Via Custom Built Bluetooth Enabled Electrochemical Platform
P.U. Ashvin, I. Fernando, G.K. Kosgei, L.C. Moores, A. Netchaev, J.D. Ray, K. Conley, U.S. Army Engineer Corp. ERDC, US
Copper sensing via colorimetric and fluorometric approaches
P.U. Ashvin, I. Fernando, G.K. Kosgei, L.C. Moores, U.S. Army Engineer Corp. ERDC, US
Performance Simulations of Multi-Period Nanohole Array (NHA) Plasmonic Chemical/Biochemical Sensors
C. Dong, Y. Zhao, K.D. Benkstein, S. Semancik, M.E. Zaghloul, The George Washington University, US
Sensing Safety at Grade Crossings
C. McGlynn, H. Zhang, Rowan University, US
Mechanical Sensitivity Analysis of Double Inertial Mass MEMS Gyroscope
J. Nazdrowicz, A. Napieralski, Technical University of Lodz, PL
Silent Sentinel’s Loss and Theft Prevention
L. Coney, M. Safa, Bruce Corporation, US
Investigation of the electric transport mechanism in catalytic metal oxide films by simultaneous I-V and spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements at variable temperatures. The case of molybdenum and tin oxide.
D. Davazoglou, NCSR "Demokritos", GR
Low-Cost Method for Electrochemical Quantification of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell in Culture Media on Nanostructured Surfaces
J. Jaiswal, M. Dhayal, Indian Institute of Technology-Banaras Hindu University, IN
Lab-on-a-Bubble (LōB) Platform Technology: Detection of total coliforms in water for military field using a field-deployable system.
P. Cosme, E. Valliant, M. Medina-Rivera, C. Batt, A.D. Strickland, iFyber, LLC, US
On the border of chemical space: prediction of multianion inorganic systems Ln2OClFH2 (Ln = Y, La, Gd) with exceptional sensing characteristics
E. Strugovshchikov, A. Pishtshev, University of Tartu, EE
Fabrication of a rapid response on-chip biosensor
B. Maddipudi, V.S. Amar, H. Dosch, A. Shende, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
Bioluminescence-based immunosensor using thermo-triggered ATP release from polymeric micelles-coated nanoparticles
E.-J. Jo, D. Hong, M.-G. Kim, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), KR
microsphere resonators for biodetection
L. Echeveria, S. Gilmore, S. Harrison, P. Singh, T. Bond, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
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