TechConnect World 2020
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Energy Storage

Energy Storage

Symposium Chair

Imre GyukImre Gyuk
Director, Office of Electricity
U.S. Department of Energy

Key Speakers

Jun LiuJun Liu
Battelle Fellow
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Valerio De AngelisValerio De Angelis
Vice President
Urban Electric Power

Yet-Ming ChiangYet-Ming Chiang
Professor, MIT
Founder, Form Energy

Russ WeedRuss Weed
Chief Development Officer

Energy storage continues to be one of the most important, and active, areas of research and investment. Our 2020 event will feature a keynote session on commercial-ready technologies followed by a lively program of invited and submitted talks focused on new materials and device development, and also describing the path to commercialization of novel energy storage systems. Submit your abstract and plan to participate in one of the most significant energy storage research and development events this year.

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Symposium Sessions

Monday June 29

10:30Energy Storage Keynotes
1:30Battery Innovations

Tuesday June 30

10:30Energy Storage Fireside Chat
1:30Advanced Materials for Energy Storage
4:00Energy Storage - Posters

Wednesday July 1

8:30Sustainable Materials Fireside Chat
10:30Novel Storage Technologies
1:30Energy Storage Implementation
4:00Energy Storage - Posters

Symposium Program

Monday June 29

10:30Energy Storage Keynotes
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
Energy storage success stories and commercial-ready technologies
I. Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy, US
R. Weed, ARES, US
Y-M. Chiang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Form Energy, US
V. de Angelis, Urban Electric Power, US
1:30Battery Innovations
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
Metal-H2 Gas Batteries for Low-Cost, Long-Life and Safe Stationary Storage
Y. Cui, Stanford University, US
Engineering an Aqueous Energy Dense Manganese Dioxide|Zinc Battery to Challenge Lithium- Ion’s Dominance
G.G. Yadav, Urban Electric Power, US
Material and Electrode Designs for Scalable Electrochemical Energy Storage
E.S. Takeuchi, K.J. Takeuchi, A.C. Marschilok, Stony Brook University, US
Towards engineered flow-through electrodes: understanding mass transport in 3D-printed electrodes with periodic porous structures
A. Ivanovskaya, V. Beck, S. Chandrasekaran, B. Moran, T. Weisgraber, E. Draves, M. Worsley, S. Baker, E. Duoss, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, US
Unique Chemistry of Atomic Layer Deposition for Protection of Cathodes and Li-Metal Anodes
D. Kang, R.E. Warburton, A.U. Mane, J.P. Greeley, J.W. Elam, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Interface Design in Electrode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries
H. Xiong, Boise State University, US
Sodium Metal Anodes – The Influence of Neglected Parameters
R. Rupp, A. Vlad, Université Catholique de Louvain, BE

Tuesday June 30

10:30Energy Storage Fireside Chat
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
1:30Advanced Materials for Energy Storage
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
J. Liu, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, US
Materials for Energy Storage: Impact of Molecular to Mesoscale Structure on Functional Electrochemistry
A.C. Marschilok, E.S. Takeuchi, K.J. Takeuchi, Stony Brook University, US
Porous Carbon Fibers as a New Structural Energy Storage Materials
G. Liu, Virginia Tech, US
Two-Dimensional Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes) Enable New Energy Storage Technologies
X. Wang, Y. Gogotsi, Drexel University, US
The structural versatility of manganese oxides for electrochemical energy storage
K.J. Takeuchi, E.S. Takeuchi, A.C. Marschilok, Stony Brook University, US
Rapid lithium ion migration-induced efficiency of novel nanocomposite manganese silicate-alumina supercapattery
E. Iwuoha, M. Ndipingwi, C. Ikpo, University of the Western Cape Sensor Laboratories, ZA
Suppressing water splitting for "high" voltage aqueous ion batteries
F.R. Hughson, R. Borah, J.H. Johnston, T. Nann, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
4:00Energy Storage - Posters
The Significance of Thermal Management for Lithium-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles: Technology and Market Outlook
R. Collins, IDTechEx, UK
Tunable Photophysics of Self-Assembled Phe-Phe Dipeptide Doped with Luminescent Compounds
T. Martins, G. Sousa, D. Cordeiro, R. Miranda, Federal University of Goias, BR
Photovoltaic Generation with Battery Power Storage as Autonomous Supply of Auxiliary Substation Services 230/500 kV
J. Bione, J. Tomaz, T. Azevedo, J. Alves, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Pernambuco - IFPE and Companhia Hidro Elétrica do São Francisco - Chesf, BR
Effect on partial substitution of Mn2+ ions in perovskite (MA)2Zn1-xMnxCl4 (x=0, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, and 1) mixed crystals through MAS NMR relaxation times
A.R. Lim, J-H Chang, Jeonju University, KR
Novel Graphene Supercapacitor Structure Design for UAV Power Storage
J. Kim, A. Rivas, S. Wu, V. Martinez, F. Contreras, J. Castro, E. Botello, T. Kidd, S. Dobbs, Z. Yu, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, US
Polymer-derived ceramic functionalization of transition metal dichalcogenides for alkali-metal anodes
D.M. Soares, G. Singh, Kansas State University, US
Insight into Methane Hydrate Formation: A Morphology Investigation
P. Rangsunvigit, K. Inkong, S. Kulprathipanja, Chulalongkorn University, TH
Direct synthesis of graphene-templated microporous carbon for supercapacitor applications
M.S.L. Hudson, Annai Vailankanni College of Engineering, IN
Free-standing hydrophilic carbon nanotube films supported edge exposed MoS2 nanoflakes for flexible supercapacitor application
P. Tiwari, IIT Roorkee, IN
Icarus Hybrid Solar Photovoltaic/Thermal Energy Storage and Power Boosting
M. Anderson, E. Gonzalez, Icarus RT, Inc., US
The ReCell Center for Advanced LIBs Recycling
K. Pupek, J. Spangenberger, Argonne National Laboratory, US
Economic feasibility of recondition 2nd life lithium ion batteries for grid services
J.C. Quinn, N. Horesh, C. Quinn, A. Tong, H. Wang, R. Zane, Colorado State Univeristy, US
Novel approaches for high efficiency electrochemical energy storage devices based on DNAs and nanomaterials
J. Bae, Gachon University, KR

Wednesday July 1

8:30Sustainable Materials Fireside Chat
Session chair: Fiona Case, TechConnect, US
10:30Novel Storage Technologies
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
Thermal Energy Storage and Integration Methods for Grid-Scale Electric Energy Storage
Z. Ma, P. Davenport, J. Martinek, J. McTigue, C. Turchi, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, US
Power Characterization of Ground-Level Integrated Diverse Energy Storage (GLIDES) Technology
S. Kassaee, A. Abu-Heiba, M. Starke, M. Chinthavali, A. Momen, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), US
Parametric analysis of a hybrid liquid air and thermochemical energy storage system
S. Wu, C. Zhou, E. Doroodchi, B. Moghtaderi, The University of Newcastle, AU
Development of a Phase Change Energy Storage Module with High Recovery Rate for Power Generation Applications
M. Belaed, M.M. Rahman, Wichita State University, US
1:30Energy Storage Implementation
Session chair: Imre Gyuk, U.S. Department of Energy
Evaluating Safety Characteristics of Lithium-Ion Battery Systems Through Cascading Thermal Runaway Experiments and Modeling
R. Shurtz, A. Kurzawski, J. Hewson, Y. Preger, L. Torres-Castro, J. Lamb, Sandia National Laboratories, US
AMIVP - A Machine Intelligence based Storage Allocator for Virtual Power Plant Applications
B. Abegaz, Loyola University of Chicago, US
Battery Chemistry Agnostic Grid-Tied Secondary Use Energy Storage System
M. Chinthavali, M. Starke, S. Marti, R. Krishnamoorthy, P. Bhowmik, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US
Campus technology innovations: achieving resiliency with modern funding
R. Garcia, D. Naccarato, Johnson Controls, US
Powernet in Farms: A could-based approach to manage electrical loads in livestock farming
G. Cezar, T. Navidi, L. Buechler, N. Milivojevic, A. El-Gamal, R. Rajagopal, Stanford University, US
US Navy Integrated Power & Energy System
S.P. Markle, US Navy, Electric Ships Office, US
4:00Energy Storage - Posters
New Cathodes for Rechargeable Aluminium-ion Batteries
S. Divya, J. Johnston, T. Nann, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
Economy Analysis of Second-Life Battery in Wind Power Systems Considering Battery Degradation
Z. Song, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, US
A cobalt oxides-based redox energy storage system hybridised with a supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle
S. Wu, C. Zhou, E. Doroodchi, B. Moghtaderi, The University of Newcastle, AU
One-spot synthesis of hierarchical LiNi0.5Mn0.2Co0.3O2 cathode material for Li-ion battery
X. Jiang, F. Liu, C. Xiong, Wuhan Institute of Technology, CN
Newly Proposed Study on the Recovery of Lithium from End-of Life of Battery of Electric Vehicle
J.P. Wang, Pukyong National University, KR
Estimation of Electronic Entropy Contributions to Oxygen Vacancy Formation Reaction in Nonstoichiometric Oxides via Analysis of Electronic Structure Properties
C.R.A. Cole, University of Florida, US
One-pot synthesis of tungsten oxide and carbide composite for supercapacitor electrodes
D.M. Soares, R. Vicentini, A.C. Peterlevitz, C.B. Rodella, L.M. Da Silva, G. Singh, H. Zanin, Kansas State University, US
Observations on Arrhenius degradation of lithium-ion capacitors
D.G. Moye, P.L. Moss, X. Chen, W.J. Cao, S.Y. Foo, Moye Consultants, US
Production of Supercapacitor Carbon Electrodes from Corn-stover Via Facile Thermal Activation
K. Shell, V. Amar, B. Maddipudi, A. Thakkar, R. Shende, S. Kumar, R.B. Gupta, Virginia Commonwealth University, US
Nanocomposites of Mesoporous (Mn, Ti)- Oxides and Graphene Nanoplatelets for Charge Storage
J.D. Houck, V.S. Amar, R.V. Shende, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
Seismic-Resilient Electric Power Distribution Systems: Harnessing the Mobility of Energy Storage Systems
P. Dehghanian, The George Washington University, US
Binder-free NiCoFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets as electrode materials for flexible hybrid energy storage devices with high-rate and high-retention ability
C-S Ni, S-F Liu, J-F Li, C-W Pao, J-L Chen, H-Y Chen, J-H Huang, National Tsing Hua University, TW
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