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2020 Index of Affiliations

Vaal University of TechnologyT8.321Study of Methylene blue adsorption on Manganese 1,4-benzene dicarboxylate
Vaal University of TechnologyT8.321Synthesis and characterization of some transition metals of benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid and adsorption of lead ion …
Vanderbilt UniversityT2.323Recent Advances in Electrospun Fiber Mat Electrode MEAs for Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells
Victoria University of WellingtonM4.423Dichroic Colour-Changing Materials
Victoria University of WellingtonT4.287Suppressing water splitting for "high" voltage aqueous ion batteries
Victoria University of WellingtonW1.243Sustainably Produced Nano-structured Calcium Silicate (CaSil) - A Versatile Material and its Industrial and Environmenta…
Victoria University of WellingtonW6.481New Cathodes for Rechargeable Aluminium-ion Batteries
Vireo AdvisorsT2.486Recent Progress Demonstrating the Safety of Graphene
Vireo Advisors, LLCT4.265Collaboration as a tool to improve and accelerate safety testing of novel materials
Vireo Advisors, LLCW4.284Practical Handling Strategies for Advanced Materials and Technologies: Teasing Out Specifics from General Recommendation…
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityT8.461Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Focused Coils and Brain Phantoms
Virginia Commonwealth UniversityW6.481Production of Supercapacitor Carbon Electrodes from Corn-stover Via Facile Thermal Activation
Virginia TechT2.461Multimaterial fiber-based neural interfaces and distributed sensors
Virginia TechT4.283Porous Carbon Fibers as a New Structural Energy Storage Materials
Virginia TechT4.343MELD Process Fundamentals: An Emerging Solid-State Additive Technology for Metals and Metal Matrix Composites
Virginia TechT4.425A facile one-pot process for graphene mass production from coal
Virginia TechT8.321Portable Water Desalination System Using Hybrid Renewable Energy
Virginia TechW2.424Leidenfrost Evaporation Assisted Ultrasensitive SERS Detection Using Hierarchical Plasmonic Micro/Nanostructures
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