TechConnect World 2020
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2020 Index of Affiliations

T&T Consulting Services, IncW2.447Concept for a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Application: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology for Text and Langua…
T-MobileW2.446A Study of Famous CNN Architectures to Have Descent Base Models
TDAW6.461Residual Distortion Prediction through an Artificial Intelligence Approach in Additive Manufactured Components
Technical Systems IntegratorsW6.421Next Generation PCIe Network Fabric for High Performance AI Computing
Technical University of LodzW6.381Mechanical Sensitivity Analysis of Double Inertial Mass MEMS Gyroscope
Techreo, Inc.M2.485Layered Structures - Innovative Tube/Pipe Manufacturing Process
Tecnológico Nacional de México/I.T. de Tuxtla GutiérrezW6.441Measurement of micro-thickness for fiber optic processing in real time
Texas A&M UniversityT2.404Dielectric Barrier Discharge Applicator for Heating Carbon-loaded Interfaces and Enhancing 3D-Printed Bond Strength
Texas A&M UniversityT2.482Scalable production of graphene using electrochemical exfoliation and applications to RF heating
Texas A&M UniversityT4.386Explainable Deep Models for Compound-Protein Binding Affinity Prediction and Deep Generative Models for Protein Design
Texas A&M UniversityW4.265Out-of-oven curing of resins and adhesives using radio frequency heating of carbon fillers
Texas Tech UniversityM4.325The GreenBox: Modular Technology for the Removal of Ammonia and Nitrate with Energy Cogeneration
The British University in EgyptT8.441Optimizating the Performance of Organic-based Perovskite on Crystalline Si
The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment StationM2.261Enhancing agrichemical delivery and seedling development with biodegradable, tunable, biopolymer-based nanofiber seed co…
The Dow Chemical CompanyM4.501Dow’s Sustainability Journey in Home and Personal Care
The Dow Chemical CompanyM4.505Materials Science of Natural Material Based Hair Fixatives
The Dow Chemical CompanyW6.441The Development of Quick-Set, High-Solids Pharmaceutical Tablet Coatings
The George Washington UniversityT2.382Integrating 3D Bioprinting and Nanotechnology for Vascularized Tissue Regeneration
The George Washington UniversityW6.381Performance Simulations of Multi-Period Nanohole Array (NHA) Plasmonic Chemical/Biochemical Sensors
The George Washington UniversityW6.481Seismic-Resilient Electric Power Distribution Systems: Harnessing the Mobility of Energy Storage Systems
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