TechConnect World 2020
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2020 Index of Affiliations

Netaji Subhas University of TechnologyT8.541Growth of size-controllable tetragonal rutile stannic oxide nanostructures by co-precipitation route for eosin Y dye deg…
New Mexico Institute of Mining and TechnologyW4.263A Novel PTFE Composite material for Aerospace Applications
New Mexico State UniversityT4.206Testing of non-rubber extracts of guayule (Parthenium argentatum) as a bio-based urban insect repellents
New Mexico State UniversityW6.201Comprehensive Characterization of Bio-Crude Oil from Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Kitchen Waste
Newberry Technology AssociatesW6.241Nanotechnology – No longer a standalone discipline, growth in medicine and biology: Applications, Challenges and Oppor…
NGD Systems, Inc.W2.444In-Storage Distributed Machine Learning for the Edge
Niger Delta UniversityM4.327Comparative study of metal adsorption interaction properties of benzene di-, tri-, and tetra- carboxylate metal organic …
Noakhali Science and Technology UniversityW6.241Silver Nanoparticle Reinforced Polylactic Acid /Gelatin Composite for Advanced Wound Dressing Application
Noakhali Science and Technology UniversityW6.261Synthesis, Characterization and Application of Nanocomposite Materials
Nonlinear Materials CorporationT4.363Next-Generation Materials for Hybrid Electro-Optics
North Carolina State UniversityM4.424Innovations in Conductive Printing on Textiles
North Carolina State UniversityT8.421A Machine Learning Driven Damage Quantification Algorithm in moisture-contaminated composites.
Northeast Ohio Medical UniversityM4.343Glycation of the lipoprotein ApoAI is a novel biomarker for early predicting diabetic cardiovascular complications.
Northeastern UniversityM2.361TBA
Northeastern UniversityM2.482TBA
Northeastern UniversityT2.381Introducing Green Nanomedicine: Unexpected Advances in Healthcare
Northern Border UniversityT8.241Production of Water Soluble Carbon Nanotubes-added Biofertilizer: Superfertilizer
Northwestern UniversityM2.206Deep Materials Informatics: Illustrative Applications of Deep Learning in Materials Science
Northwestern UniversityM2.242Frost Pattern on Macrotextured Surfaces
Northwestern UniversityT2.444Photonic ring resonator notch filters for astronomical OH line suppression
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