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2020 Index of Affiliations

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)T8.481Investigation of Two-Dimensional Layered Perovskites on Optoelectronic Properties, Composition and Their Application in …
National Institute of Technology RaipurT4.366Synthesis and Green Luminescence Evolution of Erbium doped Yttrium Strontium Silicate Nano Phosphors
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryW2.224TBA
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryW2.342Thermal Energy Storage and Integration Methods for Grid-Scale Electric Energy Storage
National Renewable Energy LaboratoryW4.302TBA
National Research Council CanadaT4.221A nanotube fabric approach for multifunctional composites
National Science FoundationM2.463TBA
National Science FoundationM4.361Materials and Manufacturing Challenges in Flexible Hybrid Electronics
National Science FoundationW1.244Nanomanufacturing Research, Advanced Manufacturing Program and Funding Opportunities at NSF
National Tsing Hua UniversityT8.541Evolution of Color Centers in UV-irradiated PLA/PMMA Blend
National Tsing Hua UniversityW6.481Binder-free NiCoFe layered double hydroxide nanosheets as electrode materials for flexible hybrid energy storage devices…
Naval Information Warfare Center PacificW2.443How Can the DoD Leverage Big Data, AI and Machine Learning to Accelerate UxS Integration and Decision Making
Naval Research LaboratoryM2.424Spatially Selective Enhancement of Photoluminescence in MoS2 by Exciton-Mediated Adsorption and Defect Passivation
Naval Research LaboratoryM4.466Widely Tunable Bi2Se3/TMD 2D Heterostructures for Write-Read-Erase-Reuse Applications, as well as Oxygen Sensing and Sto…
Naval Research LaboratoryM4.467Synthesis of High-Quality Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides using Direct Liquid Injection
Naval Research LabortoryM2.425Interlayer Exciton in atomically reconstructed MoSe2/WSe2
NCH Corporation/Chem-AquaM4.326Plasma Based Technology for Water Treatment
NCSR "Demokritos"W6.381Investigation of the electric transport mechanism in catalytic metal oxide films by simultaneous I-V and spectroscopic e…
NCSR DemokritosM2.245Engineering surfaces for condensing economizers: From filmwise to jumping droplet condensation using all dry processing
NCSR DemokritosT2.442TBA
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