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2020 Index of Affiliations

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and AstronauticsM4.243Design and Application of Integration Vacuum Insulation Panel (IVIP) in Passive Zero Energy Building
nanoComposixM2.402Nanoparticle Design for Commercial Photothermal Therapies
NANOPECM4.344Beyond in vitro
Nanyang Technological UniversityT2.543Monolithic III-V/Si Technology Co-integration and Hybrid Circuit Co-design
National Cancer InstituteM2.444TBA
National Cheng Kung UniversityT8.321Capacitive deionization of salt water using (Cu-Ag)@C electrodes
National Chiao Tung UniversityW2.403Random Telegraph Noise Induced by Single-Charge Trap of Negative Capacitance MOSFETs with MFMIS and MFIS Structures
National Energy USAW6.201Waste-Powered Microgrid for Enhanced Energy Security of Critical Base Infrastructure
National Institute for Materials ScienceM4.225SMILES-X: Autonomous Molecular Compounds Characterisation For Small Datasets Without Descriptors
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and TechnologyM2.243Smooth and transparent hydrophilic surfaces showing good water sliding properties
National Institute of Standards & TechnologyM2.303TBA
National Institute of Standards & TechnologyM2.381Autonomous Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction for Phase Mapping and Materials Optimization
National Institute of Standards & TechnologyW2.283Probing nanoparticle heterogeneity from products to byproducts
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.422Chemical Doping and Interface Engineering of Monolayer TMDs
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM2.483Super-resolution focused-ion-beam nanofabrication
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyM4.525DNA nanofabrication overview: Opportunities and challenges for industrial implementation
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT2.425Nanofluidic Cells Imaging and Scattering Measurements of Liquids and Gases
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyT2.465Microscale Electrochemical Studies of Immobilized DNA for Biosensor Development
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW2.241Determining SWCNT Extraction Conditions in Aqueous Two-Polymer Phase Extraction with Near-Infrared Fluorescence
National Institute of Standards and TechnologyW4.283Nanomaterial additives in home vinyl siding – Evaluation of product aging, performance, and nanomaterial release durin…
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