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2020 Index of Affiliations

Marquette UniversityM2.364Design and Fabrication of a Novel Microcontact Support Structure for Efficient Contact Surface Post-Mortem Characterizat…
Marquette UniversityW6.341A Novel, 3D Printed Test Fixture for High Pressure Measurement Experiment
MARTECH International Inc.W6.441Commercializing Nanotechnology - Roadmap to Nanoproducts
Martin Luther University Halle, IPLT-Institute of Electronics, TashkentW6.361Some problematic points in identification of bismuth impurity centers in floating-zone silicon irradiated with 15 MeV pr…
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyT2.541MIT Virtual Source Negative Capacitance (MVSNC) Model: Applications to High-Frequency NCFETs and Neuromorphic Devices
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyT4.305Progress in Hydrogen Production from Hydrogen Sulfide through a Thermochemical Cycle
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyT4.381Chemical Discovery and AI-Assisted Chemical Synthesis
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyW2.304Tissue Adhesive Tape for Instant Surgical-Strength Sealing of Wet Tissues
Massachusetts Institute of Technology / Form EnergyM2.283TBA
Material ValueM2.401TBA
MathymW2.286Nanozirconia for refractive index enhancement
McMaster UniversityM2.305Carbon nanotube thin film deposition on hollow fiber membranes: addressing the scalability challenges of conductive memb…
McPherson UniversityW6.261Microbial Synthesis and Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles using Lactococcus lactis TNM-B1
MELD Manufacturing Corp.T2.401TBA
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyM4.527Rapid Endotoxin Detection and Removal Technologies to Overcome Low Endotoxin Recovery
Missouri University of Science and TechnologyT2.464Facile and Label-Free Electrochemical Biosensors for MicroRNA Detection Based on DNA Origami Nanostructures
Moderna TherapeuticsM2.442Delivery of mRNA vaccines by lipid nanoparticles
Modus OperandiW6.421AI - Lack of data characterization significantly reduces accuracy of AI results
Montanuniversitaet LeobenT4.462Processing of polypropylene by material extrusion additive manufacturing
Montpellier UniversityW4.343Design of Implantable Microfluidic Device Based on Polyacryamide Hydrogel for Kidney Replacement
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