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2020 Index of Affiliations

Lamar UniversityW6.241Polyethylene Based Nanocomposite Films Display Increased Resistance to UV Irradiation
Landmark UniversityW4.226Co-liquefaction of Pineapple peel and poultry manure: Effects of low cost pretreatment and microbial community structure
Laticrete International Inc.T2.405Scaling-up 3D Printing – from Laboratory to Construction
Lawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryT8.521Measurement and Verification (M&V) Guidelines for Shipboard Applications
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryM4.304Towards engineered flow-through electrodes: understanding mass transport in 3D-printed electrodes with periodic porous s…
Lawrence Livermore National LaboratoryW6.381microsphere resonators for biodetection
Lehigh UniversityT4.347Investigation of Poly(lactic acid) Crystallization in Additive Manufacturing through Alternating the Flow Area: Flow Ind…
Lehigh UniversityW2.226Vibration Assisted Injection Molding: An Innovative Energy Efficient Processing Technique for Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA) wit…
Lehigh UniversityW4.262Science-based Optimization of Plastic Wood Composite Formulations for Extrusion
Lehigh UniversityW6.441Investigation of an Innovative Technology to Advance Injection Molding of Hot Runner Systems
Lehigh UniversityW6.441Investigation of the fidelity of micro molded features using micro injection molding process
LINTEC of AmericaT4.225Twisted polymeric and CNT yarn-based actuators and energy harvesters
LINTEC of AmericaW2.245Manufacturing of Ultra-thin, free-standing CNT membranes
LINTEC of AmericaW6.221Fabrication of Aligned and Random CNT films for flexible electronics, energy harvesting and artificial muscles
Livermore Software Technology, an ANSYS companyW2.263Deep material network for creating process-guided multiscale database of short fiber reinforced composites
Lodz University of TechnologyM4.386Analysis of temperature variation influence on Q-factor and mode-matching of 2-DOF vibratory rotational velocity sensor
Lodz University of TechnologyT2.284Minimization of moisture content in cellulose fibres through a physico-chemical treatment: application in polymer compos…
Loyola University of ChicagoW4.322AMIVP - A Machine Intelligence based Storage Allocator for Virtual Power Plant Applications
Loyola University of ChicagoW6.421ABSCA - Boost Converter Switching Controller using Machine Learning Algorithms
Loyola University of ChicagoW6.421AROSV - An ROS based Self-Driving Vehicle Controller using Unsupervised Machine Learning Methods
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