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2020 Index of Affiliations

Kansas State UniversityT8.261Polymer-derived ceramic functionalization of transition metal dichalcogenides for alkali-metal anodes
Kansas State UniversityW6.481One-pot synthesis of tungsten oxide and carbide composite for supercapacitor electrodes
Kaunas University of TechnologyW4.223Environmental impact assessment of biofuels production processes from various types of woody biomass. A case study in Sc…
Kebotix, Inc.T2.222TBA
Keck Graduate InstituteT1.164CRISPR Powered Transistors: Harnessing Biology as Technology
Keimyung UniversityW4.425Laser Dissimilar Material Quality Assessment by Deep Learning
Keio UniversityT8.521Review on Functional Mixed Anion Layered Compounds and Computational Chemical Analysis on a Representative MALC, Sr2VFeA…
Kinaptic, LLCT8.461System and Methods for Stroke Rehabilitation using Virtual and Augmented Reality
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchM2.225Photoelectrochromic Film for Color Changing Windows
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchT2.505KIER SponCat™ Technology for Production of Linear Olefins and Synthetic Waxes from Syngas
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchT4.303Highly efficient and compact natural gas fuel processor for 5-50 kW class PEMFCs
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchT8.301Metal structured catalysts for hydrogen production
Korea Institute of Energy ResearchT8.361Manufacturing Method of Repeatedly Attachable Sticker-type Flexible Energy Storage Devices for Wearable Electronics
Korea Institute of Machinery & MaterialsT8.361Development of precise tension and force control technology for 1200mm wide roll-to-roll nanoimprint system
Korea Institute of Machinery and MaterialsW6.441Mobile Machining System Technology for Large Workpiece for On-Site Manufacturing
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials(KIMM)T8.361Roll Printed and Roll Imprinted Flexible Transparent Conductive Films
Korea Institute of Science and TechnologyW6.261hollow/porous-walled SnO2 for lithium-ion battery
Kris Deuar & Associates, Inc.T8.521Accurate Pole Testing can increase Resilience of Power Supply Grid and save billions of dollars at the same time
Kris Deuar & Associates, Inc.T8.521Cost effective mitigation of wildfire risk generated by power lines
Kruger Biomaterials Inc.T1.142Design of Next Generation of Plastics with Cellulose Filaments
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