TechConnect World 2020
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2020 Index of Affiliations

California Institute for Energy and Environment, UC BerkeleyW2.324TBA
California Institute of TechnologyW2.421Microfabricated sensors and spectroscopy systems for real-time chemical analysis
California State Polytechnic University, PomonaT8.261Novel Graphene Supercapacitor Structure Design for UAV Power Storage
California State Polytechnic University, PomonaW6.461Using Robotics to Assemble Graphene Supercapacitor
California State University Los AngelesM4.286Antifreeze Proteins: Their New Roles and Potential Impact on Food Product Development
Cardiff UniversityW4.421TBA
Case Western Reserve UniversityT4.241Membrane-based devices for radionuclide purification
CCS Haryana Agricultural UniversityT8.341Plants Extract Induced Synthesis of some Metals Nanoparticles and Their Performance as Antimicrobial Agents
CCS Haryana Agricultural UniversityT8.381Harvesting Solar Energy for Photo-catalytic Removal of Pollutants from Environment Using Semiconductor Nanoparticles
CEA-LETI-MinatecT4.481Recent advances in Open Microfluidics
Central Michigan UniversityW6.421Dropping 500 Feet in 20 Seconds: Simulating the Cockpit Experience of an Airliner with a Trim Control Failure
Charles UniversityT8.221Preparation of multiply positively charged substances usable for stable modification of negatively charged solid materia…
CHASM Advanced MaterialsW2.244A new category of CNT-Carbon hybrid materials for energy storage applications
Checkerspot, Inc.W2.221TBA
Chulalongkorn UniversityT8.261Insight into Methane Hydrate Formation: A Morphology Investigation
Chung-Ang UniversityT4.482Microfluidic chip application in sample preparation and nucleic acid analysis
Chung-Ang UniversityW6.321Microfluidic chip platform for the concentration of waterborne pathogens in large volume of water sample using graphene …
CICERO ENG ServiceW6.241A Conical Shell Theory of Hybrid Anisotropic Materials
Cirrus Materials Science LimitedM4.265Innovative Surface Technologies to Make Protective and Functional Coatings on Light Metal Alloy and Polymer Components
Claros Technologies IncM4.324Catalytic Nanomaterials for PFAS Removal and Degradation
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