TechConnect World 2020
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2020 Index of Affiliations

BASF CorporationT1.141Sustainable Performance Materials
Beibu-gulf UniversityT1.182High frequency RF model of GaN HEMTs
Beni-Suef UniversityW6.401Electrode Modifications Using Surfactant/Myoglobin Films for Electrocatalysis of Bisulfite Reduction
Beni-Suef UniversityW6.401Potentiometric Investigation on Complexation Equiibria and Stabilities of Divalent Metal Ion Complexes of L-Cysteine and…
Beni-Suef UniversityW6.401Ternary Complex Systems of The Divalent Metal Ions, Ca(II) and Zn(II), with L-Cysteine and Diphenylamine as Ligands in A…
Big Metal Additive, LLCW2.382Large Generative Designs Optimized for Production Through Simulation and Produced with Multi-Axis Hybrid Metal Additive
Binghamton University SUNYT2.266Engineering the 2-Dimensional ZnO Nanoplates for a Highly Reactive Surface
Boise State UniversityM4.306Interface Design in Electrode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries
Boston UniversityW2.461A Bayesian Experimental Autonomous Researcher for Mechanical Design
Bridgestone AmericasT4.204TBA
Brigham and Women's Hospital -Harvard Medical SchoolT2.385DNA-corralled nanodiscs: a potential game changer in structural biology of membrane protein complexes and virus entry
Bruce CorporationW6.381Silent Sentinel’s Loss and Theft Prevention
Bruker AXST2.421Probing the time-temperature relationship of mechanical properties in polymer composites
Brunel University of LondonM4.242Research issues facing vacuum insulation panels
Bryce Space and TechnologyW4.363An Overview of Additive Manufacturing in the Space Industry
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