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2020 Index of Affiliations

Aalen UniversityM2.383Machine learning based detection and deep learning based image inpainting of preparation artefacts in micrographs
Aalen UniversityT8.421Machine learning for microstructures classification in functional materials
Abalonyx AsT2.485Reduced and Functionalized Graphene Oxide: Opportunities for Large Scale Applications
ABB Inc.T2.262Performance of low friction bio-inspired coatings in hydrodynamic journal bearings
ABB US Corporate Research CenterT4.465Thermal-Resistant Plastic Composites for Industrial Applications: Processing and Properties
Academy of Sciences of UzbekistanW6.261Superconducting phases Tc ≥ 200K in homo phases Bi / Pb cuprate obtained by solar energy.
Addis Ababa UniversityT8.321Removal of Methylene Blue Dye Using nZVI, Nanoclay and Iron impregnated Nanoclay - A Comparative Study
Additive ManufacturingW4.361TBA
Additive Rocket CorporationW4.364Optimized, Biomimetic Design of Rocket Engines for Additive Manufacturing
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.T2.462Moxifloxacin Inhibited beta-Amyloid Bio-communication with HSP60 Memristive Devices For Promoting Normal Reversible Memb…
Advanced Biomimetic Sensors, Inc.T8.581Experimental Observations of Majorana Particles Produced in Arrays of Fractional Josephson junctions in An Organo-metall…
Advanced Technology ConsultantsT8.521An Innovative Nanotechnology-Based Clean and Highly-Efficient Combustion Engine
Aeroshela K.D. Ltd.T8.221Plasma chemical advanced composite materials and nanofibers coatings with enhanced properties
Agency for Defense DevelopmentT8.481Large area fabrication of graphene based fabrics for multifunctional e-textiles in energy harvesting and chemical warfar…
Agency for Defense DevelopmentW6.241Swatch Test of Protective Cloth Coated with Graphene-Based Nanomaterials against Chemical Warfare Agents
Alabama State UniversityT8.341Antimicrobial Alginate Scaffold Model Development against Staphylococcus aureus
Amity University RajasthanT8.341Lysozyme enriched tyrosine surface protected gold nanoparticles: Potent antimicrobials against multi-drug resistant bact…
Amity University RajasthanT8.341Isonicotinylhydrazide on epigallocatechin gallate-protected gold nanoparticles: Toxicity management and stability enhanc…
Andong National UniversityT8.521Funnel Type Underwater Energy Harvesting Equipment
Ann Arbor Pioneer High SchoolW4.387Kidney Cancer Staging using Deep Learning Neural Network
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