Production of Water Soluble Carbon Nanotubes-added Biofertilizer: Superfertilizer

N.A. Kizilbash
Northern Border University,
Saudi Arabia

Keywords: carbon nanotubes, water soluble, biofertilizer


Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are one of the most important classes of nanomaterials with unique properties. However, use of CNTs in agriculture is hampered by their insolubility in aqueous media and concerns regarding toxicity. The ability to solubilize and separate discrete CNTs from their tight bundles can increase their agricultural use. Water soluble CNT-added biofertilizer can increase crop yields in poor desert conditions. Such biofertilizer possesses unique physicochemical properties, i.e., large surface area, high reactivity, compatible pore size and particle morphology which can help in providing nutrients to plants for improving their growth and yields. It is more efficient and eliminates the undesirable side effects produced by chemical fertilizers. It affects plant phenotype and the composition of the soil micro-biota. Tomato plants grown in soil supplemented with CNT-added biofertilizer have been shown to produce two times more flowers and fruit than as compared to plants grown in control soil.