Reactive Nano Silicate precursor for High Power Fuel Cell

C.N. Khe, V.H. Linh, N.V.K. Tung, N.T. Trinh, C.N. Phu
HK Invent corporation,
Viet Nam

Keywords: reactive nano silicate, high temperature proton transporter, high power, low operating temperature


A proton transporter, Nafion, for polymer electrolyte membrane (“PEM”) fuel cells (“PEMFC”) does not survive beyond approximately 90o C and has limited power efficiency. Conventional SOFC needs high heat source for operation which is not a right choice. It is necessary to develop novel precursor for multiple fuel cell design and building. Recently, molecularly disturbing a silica/acid composite (“SAC”) (as extracted from paddy husks originated in Viet Nam) with an electron acceptor metal oxide has rendered the SAC into a reactive nano silicate (“RNS”). SAC is disclosed in United States Patent Application 20180099905. RNS is self- reactive and thus forms a rigid film exhibiting interesting properties over raw materials; such as fire flame retardant, waterproof, extended heat resistant, anti UV, and weatherproof. RNS is formulated with a functional disturber into a proton transporter operating in a wide range of temperatures between room temperature and approximately 1000o C for fuel cell. Also, designs and construction of high power fuel cell operating at much lower temperature are discussed for multiple applications . Presentation: I have requested an oral presentation Upload PDF: No, I will not provide additional information.would you like to contribute a paper to TechConnect Briefs?: Yes