Opportunities Turning Paper Mills into Nanofactories of Metal Nanoparticle Papers

R.I. MacCuspie, T. Dankovich, J. Levine
Folia Water & MacCuspie Innovations,
United States

Keywords: clean water, nanosilver, antimicrobial paper, responsible commercialization


A critical challenge for commercializing technologies is achieving a cost of manufacturing that enables competitive pricing for the improved product. Through patented technology, Folia Materials has successfully turned paper mills into nanofactories capable of creating papers with metal nanoparticles such as nanosilver, at full scale production run levels. This talk will discuss the commercialization opportunities enabled by this technology, both current and potential. The Folia FilterTM is a gravity-powered paper filter providing point of use water purification for a penny per liter to the consumer. This enables targeting international markets such as Bangladesh, where second income tier customers who make between two and ten dollars per day now have a safe affordable water choice. Testing to NSF standards for water filters have demonstrated the Folia Filter’s performance, and testing has revealed the Folia Filter can meet the WHO two-star rating for water filtration. A summary of the technical challenges that have been overcome, including increasing flow rates, the addition of iron removal capabilities, and performance in real world water chemistries will be provided. Additional commercialization opportunities exist for developing a nanosilver paper filter for use in pressurized water systems, where prevention of Legionella disease is of growing concern for both short- and long-term health care facilities. Technical hurdles for successful commercialization include maintaining flow rate under pressurized systems and optimizing the performance lifetime of the filters. A survey of other potential commercialization opportunities will be presented as well.