Funnel Type Underwater Energy Harvesting Equipment

J. Lee
Andong National University,

Keywords: underwater energy harvester, flow induced vibration, MFC (macro fiber composite)


The Funnel-type Underwater Energy Harvesting Device, installed at the bottom of the sea by the day of this invention, combines with a piezoelectric element or MFC that converts vibration energy into electricity by flowing under the influence of fluid, and includes a collector that increases the flow rate of fluids to the above piezoelectric element. On the other hand, the above piezoelectric element features that the part of the group constructs an underwater sensor network and is coupled to a cable connected to a sensor node that is fixed on the sea floor. The Funnel-type Underwater Energy Harvesting Device of this invention is a technology that obtains cable vibration energy by fluid flow by installing a simple shaped device on the cable used in the subsea fixed sensor node, etc. In particular, the efficiency of piezoelectric energy conversion compared to the existing underwater cable vibrating energy harvester can be increased by using a funnel-type condenser, and the simple shape benefits from simplifying the fabrication process and reducing the production cost. It is also highly scalable by improving the shape of the condenser and can improve the piezoelectric efficiency by applying various materials to the piezoelectric element applied to the flag.