The Link Between Relativity and Quantum Mechanics

D. Daris
Faculty of Sciences,

Keywords: relativity, quantum mechanics, universe


Many studies try to represent quantum mechanics and relativity in a more or less attractive and important way in the field of physics. In our presentation I will give you the exact relationship of the link between relativity and quantum mechanics and also see before that the mechanisms that can work with this relationship. First of all quantum physics and relativity are two concepts to link inversely but they have no constraint between them, that is to say we do not find that quantum mechanics and on the contrary of relativity or the reverse and that is very important in my representation for this link between quantum mechanics and relativity. We can say that in our universe there are bodies or systems which work in wave mode and other which works in particle mode but there are other systems which work in both modes at the same time it is the mode particle wave and ca represents a natural link between quantum mechanics and relativity. so we can say that there are the three cases either the case: wave; particle or (wave; particle) at the same time that means that there is an existence of the relativity of quantum mechanics and of the link between quantum mechanics and relativity. and also in our universal there is the existence of two essential factor in our study time and space that is to say the universal so we will have two dimensions that our universal works with either the time dimension in one direction or the universe dimension in another direction or the dimension (time; universe) in both directions at the same time. This state of activity represents exactly the three cases when to cite either quantum mechanics or relativity or a link between quantum mechanics and relativity. We always manage to determine the relationship between the three cases and always solve our system by one of the possible equations. I managed to determine the link between quantum mechanics and relativity by simple study of the systems of matter in different cases and in different states that makes the study more special and more oriented towards our objective. With this link we can study any system in our universe either in: stars; galaxies; planets; moons; other systems…. As a conclusion I managed to determine a link between quantum mechanics and relativity explaining exactly the functions of the three cases. Here is the final result of the link between quantum mechanics and relativity: E=ρEv/ψ2 it is not in the correct form but approximatly is this relation.