Particle-based drug delivery systems:role of pharmaceutical development

J. Rashba-Step
Phosphorex, Inc.,
United States

Keywords: drug delivery microparticals nanoparticles


Over the last quarter century, the field of nanotechnology has witnessed tremendous growth and advances. The area of nanoparticle-based medicine receives attention as it holds the promise to revolutionize medical treatment with more potent, less toxic, and smart therapeutics. Few examples of successful commercial products will be reviewed. However, most nanomedicine research, while exciting and technically advanced, is in early stages of development and is only slowly being translated into clinical trials and medical practice. We will discuss challenges, potential barriers and opportunities. Phosphorex is a drug delivery company with the mission of harnessing potential of drug delivery to advance patient-centric, differentiated products. Phosphorex has developed a comprehensive approach to optimize drug delivery for a variety of needs. For example, the surface of the microspheres and nanoparticles can be coated with different molecules to promote entry of the drugs into cells, increase the ability of drugs to target specific tissues, and enable the therapeutic molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier. Meanwhile, the drug release profile can be precisely controlled by optimizing the chemical composition, molecular weight, and surface properties of the microspheres and nanoparticles. Customization is a key so Phosphorex offers tailored solutions and enabling technologies performs both fee for service work and developing proprietary technologies. Phosphorex currently has number of partnerships with biotech and large pharma developing particle-based formulations. These products range from sustained release products to nanoparticle formulations for tissue targeting. Few case studies of projects progressing from bench to the clinic will be shared.