Manufacturing Method of Repeatedly Attachable Sticker-type Flexible Energy Storage Devices for Wearable Electronics

H. Yoon
Korea Institute of Energy Research,

Keywords: attachable sticker-type devices, flexible energy storage devices, attachable conductive microelectrodes


A conventional battery has a standardized shape, such as that of a cylinder, a square, and a pouch, and has a limitation in integration of energy storage capacity, which makes it difficult to apply to wearable devices or micro devices. Research into the development of future batteries, such as curved batteries, flexible batteries, cable-type batteries, and micro-supercapacitors, which surpass commonly known ideas, is actively underway. However, the curved batteries, flexible batteries, and cable-type batteries have some problems such as high costs, safety problems, low capacity, low efficiency, and complicated manufacturing processes. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a new future energy storage device that surpasses ideas that are commonly known worldwide and is characterized by high capacity, high efficiency, high safety, a long life, design flexibility, and low cost. KIER’s novel energy storage devices are repeatedly attachable and flexible energy storage devices that use a unique 3D conductive microelectrodes enabling high capacity, high efficiency, and long life characteristics. The KIER’s 3D conductive microelectrodes are fabricated in a desired pattern using an ultrashort-pulse laser, offering design flexibility, scalability, and low cost. The prepared highly swollen 3D conductive microelectrodes are transferred to the surface of a main substrate constituted by the material having the surface adhesion property. This makes it possible to manufacture repeatedly attachable flexible energy storage devices and wearable sensors.