Novel DAGS Polymers for multiapplicable wetting/anti-wetting tuning

S. Seeger, A. DeCrema
University of Zurich,

Keywords: silicone nanofilaments, DAGS mechanism, thermal isolation, dispersion, coating, textile finishing


In recent years, silicone based nanostructures, so called silicone nanofilaments, have been developed and finally brought into the market for superhydrophobic and superomniphobic finishing. The easy and very low-cost process, ultrastable and sustainable coating and extreme wetting properties make this technology. The process behind is called Droplet-assisted Growth and Shaping (DAGS), since the the in situ growth is accompanied by shaping the nano and micro particles. In this presentation, we demonstrate the process, the application to different materials and the commercial application so far. Artus G, Jung, S, Zimmermann J, Gautschi HP, Marquart K, Seeger S, Adv. Mat. 18 (20), 2758-2762 (2006) Artus G, Olveira, S, Patra, D, Seeger, SMacromolecular Rapid Communications, 38(4):1600558 (2017) Saddiqi N, Seeger S, ChemPhysChem (2019)