Molecular Organic Rejection Technology to Clean Water Now

G. Jones
Ultra3X Water Recycling, LLC,
United States

Keywords: water molecular organic rejection clean remove bacteria hydrocarbon cheap efficient proprietary new


Ultra3X presents a highly cost effective, proprietary Molecular Organic Rejection (MOR) technology that removes organics to non-detectable levels and suspended solids (TSS) from water. Currently available machines are entirely scalable for desired applications and process up to 10,000 bpd (barrels per day). By adding MOR units the volume is unlimited. No chemicals, heat nor media are used in processing the water. MOR technology utilizes aluminum-based industrial membranes treated to irreversibly alter the structure of the membrane’s surface to render the membrane negatively charged causing rejection of negatively charged organic molecules from the water. The MOR unit has continuous tangential flow and re-circulation of feedwater for low cost cleaning. This is achieved by directing fluid flow through the membrane via channels that run down the membrane center. Water flows through sub-micron pores. Pore size is flexible depending on flow needed, the profile of feed water and requirements for the quality of finished water. Organics, such as bacteria, all hydrocarbons, including toluene, benzene xylene, are rejected and flow through central membrane channels and exit, separating water and organics. Continuous circulation of the water and other fluids allows fluid volume to create efficient flow. The movement of water is continuous. Pressure is low, typically 20 PSI or less. No chemicals nor heat or other temperature variation are used in our process. There is no backwashing. The only moving parts are the pumps required to push the water through the membranes. As noted, TDS, total dissolved solids, are not affected by this technology. Our MOR units are mobile and are manufactured on skids and can be placed on trailers. The pumps are electric and there are no emissions. Scalable MOR units currently process 50 bpd to approximately 10,000 bpd (barrels per day) or from 1 to 350 gpm. We have MOR “demonstration units” that are 6’x5’x 6’ tall and process approximately 1-3 gpm. We have fully operational machines that have worked in the field in field operations, oil and gas operations processing flow back and production water. MOR technology is operational and ready to go on site today to clean water of organics. The waste stream includes a separate tank. Recovered hydrocarbons are sold to a refinery when the concentration exceeds 70-80%. Other waste management is determined by the nature of the organics removed from the water. Water processed by the MOR is non-detectable for organics including bacteria, hydrocarbons and other organics when using the .2 micron pore. To attain the higher flow rates larger pore sizes can be used. Ultra3X then uses an ultra-filtration with a .01 micron pore, at the same or greater flow rate, to assure all organics are non-detectable and TSS, Total Suspended Solids, are reduced by 99.99%. We have third party tests and customer run data to demonstrate the efficiency of our unique MOR units.