Static and free vibration analysis of Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotubes reinforced composite nano plate

A. Harsha, S.J. Singh
Government Engineering College Bikaner,

Keywords: FGM, CNT, composites, deflection, stresses, free vibration, thermal


This study analyzes the effect of introducing functionally graded Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) on static and free vibration responses. CNT reinforced Functionally Graded Materials (FG-CNTRC) plate has been analyzed under mechanical and thermo-mechanical loading for deflection and stresses. The modal analysis is performed to obtained different mode shapes for FGCNTRC. The solution for static and free vibration analysis is obtained using the finite element method. In this study, three different types of plates are considered for comparative analysis viz. isotropic aluminum plate, FGCNTRC plate with linear distribution and uniform distribution of CNT. Material properties of the FGCNTRC plate are considered to be graded in the thickness direction linearly in each layer. The results obtained for the FGCNTRC plate are compared with the results of previous studies with the same dimension and the same boundary conditions. In the investigation, it is found that CNT increases significant strength in both linear and uniform distribution. Under mechanical loading only, CNT provides more strength in FGM with uniformly distributed CNT and vice-versa for thermo-mechanical loading.