Tellurene: an emerging 2-D multifunctional material system

W. Wu
Purdue University,
United States

Keywords: tellurene, nanoelectronics, solution manufacturing


The reliable production of atomically-thin crystals with tailored properties is essential for exploring new science and implementing novel technologies in the 2-D limit. However, ongoing efforts are limited by the vague potential in scaling-up, restrictions on growth substrates and conditions, small sizes and instability of synthesized materials. In this talk, I will discuss our recent progress in the discovery and production of tellurene (2-D form of elemental tellurium) with an intriguing chiral-chain structure. The solution-synthesized tellurene crystals exhibit process-tunable thickness from a monolayer to tens of nanometers, lateral sizes ~ hundreds of microns, and can be transferred to designer substrates. I will further discuss our findings in 2-D tellurene’s material properties, as well as our efforts in the prototypical device explorations with the acquired fundamental understandings of tellurene’s properties. Our results show that the air-stable tellurene, as an emerging 2-D material, exhibits a plethora of intriguing physical properties appealing for applications in electronics, optoelectronics, energy, sensors, and quantum devices.