Measurement of micro-thickness for fiber optic processing in real time

B.A. García Avendaño, J.L. Camas-Anzueto, R. Grajales-Coutiño, M. Pérez-Patricio
Tecnológico Nacional de México/I.T. de Tuxtla Gutiérrez,

Keywords: image processing, micro-thickness, fiber optic processing, real time, thickness measurement


This work presents the development of an optomechatronic system for real-time thickness measurement of micro-objects using image processing. This measurement is carried out without directly intervening with processes that modify the thickness of a micro-object. Taking into account that the image processing technique is a non-invasive technique, is possible to obtain different types of information related to binarized pixels of images that relate the amount and location of pixels with micro lengths. Experimental development is based on a process in which the thickness of micro-object changes as a function of time, to monitor fiber optic processing. This is achieved through image acquisition and processing by implementing a microscope and software, obtaining data from a binary image to identify the edge position of the micro-object. The processing time to obtain the thickness measurement should be less than a minute. The range of the thickness to measure is from 8 to 125 µm, which this thickness is imperceptible to the human eye. In this case, our proposed perform the image processing with a response time of 3 seconds, being enough time to give very precise information about the thickness change.