Next-Generation Conductive Coating for Enhanced Performance

A. Goff, A. Mullins, C. Sprinkle, J. Kelly
Luna Innovations Incorporated,
United States

Keywords: conductive coating, silver paint, corrosion, flexible coating


Conductive coatings are used on aircraft and other structures to control electrostatic discharge and provide lightning strike protection. Electrical contact of these conductive materials with alloy components creates the potential for significant corrosion. Standard silver-filled conductive paints are very costly and a large maintenance burden when they need to be removed and replaced. Additionally, polyurethane-based systems can suffer inconsistent performance that is dependent on environmental cure variability as well exposures after cure to environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, low temperatures, and fluids. There is a need to develop new, affordable, durable and corrosion resistant conductive coatings to replace legacy silver paints. To address this need, Luna is developing a next-generation corrosion protective and cost-efficient conductive coating for complex mixed material structures. By combining novel electrical materials with an environmentally durable polymer resin, Luna’s coating provides enhanced levels of performance. Development progress will be reviewed.