Total Cray Valley Innovation spotlight

C. Richardson
TOTAL Petrochemicals and Refining USA,
United States

Keywords: cicular economy, bioplastics, renewable feedstocks, recycling


Total, a Global Energy company, is leveraging its integrated business model to take advantage of synergies among its various activities worldwide. Total’s ambition is to become the responsible energy major, providing reliable and clean energy to as many people as possible. The focus on climate concerns is integral to our strategy. Five drivers have been singled out to tackle climate issues: enhancing energy efficiency, growing in natural gas, stepping up our low-carbon electricity activities, promoting sustainable biofuels and investing in carbon storage. Total is a founding member of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, and is working in a variety of areas around sustainable feedstocks, circular economy and the production of recycled polymers. TOTAL Cray Valley (TCV) is a part of Total’s Refining and Chemicals Business. TCV is a global manufacturer of specialty low molecular weight functional additives based on a variety of unique chemistries. Included are functional diene-based polymers, (meth)acrylate functional metallic monomers, and aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon resins based on C5 and C9 feed streams that can serve a wide variety of applications in the adhesives, rubber and thermoplastics industries. TCV is using its core competencies to develop next generation products based on Bio-Derived Feedstocks, both responding to industry demand for bio-sourced materials and leveraging unique properties of these materials to evolve it’s product portfolio. Further, several projects are underway addressing new challenges posed by bio-derived, bio-degradable and recycled plastics and the subsequent need for additives to improve the properties of these materials.