Engineering surfaces for condensing economizers: From filmwise to jumping droplet condensation using all dry processing

D. Davazoglou, G. Thomopoulos, V.S. Stathopoulos, N. Vourdas
NCSR Demokritos,

Keywords: condensing economizers, dropwise condensation, heat transfer efficiency


Surface topography and chemistry play a critical role in the phenomena observed during vapor condensation. For the case of water vapors that condense on surfaces, there is lately an increased interest, since such phenomena are incorporated and greatly affect the efficiency of processes used to recover thermal energy from exhausts, to harvest water from fog, to mitigate dewing frost, etc. Therefore, there is an increased demand to provide suitable tools to engineer surfaces and consequently engineer the condensation phenomena leveraging either fully developed filmwise, dropwise condensation or even self-jumping condensates. In this work, we present an all dry process to deliver ultra-thin metal oxide porous films enabling condensation phenomena ranging from filmwise to jumping droplets. Condensation phenomena were recorded, analyzed and will be presented, and will be correlated to the heat transfer coefficients.