Superconducting phases Tc ≥ 200K in homo phases Bi / Pb cuprate obtained by solar energy.

D.D. Gulamova, H. Bahronov, S.M. Ashimov, J.G. Chigvinadze
Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan,

Keywords: nano structured, Bi/Pb superconductors, solar technology, Tc


The dependence of critical properties on the production technology led to a wide а search of the superconductors various methods producing. Using advanced SFAQ-T (Solar Fast Alloys Quenching-T) technology glass crystal precursors of a nominal structure Bi1.7Pb0.3Sr2CanCu(n-1)Oy (n=3-20) were obtained. Nano structure of the precursors was established. Of the precursors on a ceramic technology at 847С, 3-24 h. high-temperature superconducting phases - homologous were synthesized. The microstructure of massive superconducting samples had a plateled sThe torsion sensitivity method at the level of a SQUID magnetometer the critical temperatures Tc was investigated and determined. The optimal technological mode synthesis of Bi/Pb superconducting phases of Tc = 286 ÷ 295K was determined. The formation of such high-temperature superconducting phases is explained by the influence of technology high gradient temperature condition particularity.tructure .