Catalytic Nanomaterials for PFAS Removal and Degradation

J. Brockgreitens, A. Abbas
Claros Technologies Inc,
United States

Keywords: nanocomposites, PFAS, defluorination


Poly- and per- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a broad category of highly conjugated synthetic organofluorine compounds that have been shown to be highly mobile and bioaccumulative in the environment. There is a growing technological need for innovations that overcome the limitations of current methods which suffer from sorption inefficiencies and issues with disposal due to leaching of PFAS. Here we report a process for the synthesis and application of a novel nanocomposite material containing catalytically active nanoparticles with the capacity to remove and degrade waterborne PFAS. This degradative sorbent nanocomposite has improved sorbent efficiency, which reduces capital costs and filter turnover. Furthermore, the catalytic degradation of PFAS within the support not only minimizes waste products, but also allows for nanocomposite reuse.