Nanotechnology – No longer a standalone discipline, growth in medicine and biology: Applications, Challenges and Opportunities.

D. Newberry
Newberry Technology Associates,
United States

Keywords: nanotechnology, nano particles, medicine, sensors, quality control


Not so many decades ago, nanotechnology was considered a science for big corporations, with large research divisions or exclusive high-level research organizations or educational institutions. Over the years, nanotechnology has evolved into a popular topic of discussion and “nano” enjoys inclusion in education in almost every grade level and department. It also has far reaching impacts at corporations in many market segments. The integration of nanoscale concepts with traditional sciences and other emerging technologies such as photonics, biotechnology, composite materials and additive manufacturing has added a level of complexity, interest and opportunity for nanoscience. This presentation will focus on biotechnology and recent multi-disciplinary nanoscale related applications including implications, challenges and opportunities for education and industry.